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True Friends are Hard to Find and Will Never Leave You No Matter What

Photo Link An overused statement involving relationship with friends and acquaintances either new or old. We live in a society where we meet people everyday. Somehow, we touch their lives or they touch ours. Some of whom  may become our close friends yet there are few who simply say "HI" and say "GOOD BYE" after a while. I believe that for a friend to be considered REAL are those who never leave us in times of difficulties especially when we are troubled with problems... financially or emotionally.   We tend to appreciate the friendship more if they are willing to share their presence and care to listen... just be there to listen. Trust is earned not given. This same trust will strengthen the relationship. It grows through the years of unselfishly offering a part of one self  for the happiness of others. When is friendship being tested? This is a question of what goes wrong... or who faltered. Once a glass is broken, it cannot be fixed. There's a mark

How Clean are the Utensils You Use When You Eat Out?

It's always a delightful experience to dine out and indulge in some good food especially when you're not even prepared for your menu for the evening or any mealtime of the day. You're starving for a certain dish that you want to try outside your kitchen.  There are high class restaurants that cater to those equally high class customers but there are a lot more dining places where any ordinary people can afford. We all quench for new delicacies and as much as possible, taste every scrumptious food available but do you ever mind checking the utensils you use every time you eat out?

Sunrise or Sunset?

I just wonder  how to figure out whether this photo is... sunrise or sunset? There's a million photographs depicting sunrise and sunset but up to now...  I can hardly differentiate which is which?

Tita Malu... Their SANTA TITA

Christmas gift giving from SANTA tita Tita Malu, as her beloved pamangkins (nieces and nephews) fondly call her.. is not only a generous aunt but a very thoughtful tita as well. She never fails to treat them for latest 3D movies, go shopping, dine out or just have a nice sip of tall or grande Starbucks's Mocha Frap. She's my younger sister, our family's most eligible bachelorette, highly career-oriented but with an undeniably soft heart. Her pamangkins always take advantage of her available time and whenever they get that chance, they just enjoy hanging out with their favorite Tita Malu.

DELZETTE... Acierto Clan's Promising DUO

Every year, our clan celebrates Christmas Day with a blast. Every family should prepare something for entertainment. Actually, these presentations highlight the occasion. We have amateurs in the family and all of us look forward to watching a loved one showcase his/her hidden talents.  My daughter Lizette loves to sing like me but she's far better singer than I am, I guess. My brother Danlourd do some music jamming with friends and he's so good as well. Days before our much anticipated reunion, I've been telling them to practice at least two songs but they were not able to rehearse even once.  December 25, 2012 came and I thought we have nothing to share but they practiced the last minute and to our surprise... their performance was great! It was the very first time they did this duet and we truly enjoyed a lot. It was not that flawlessly executed because they read the lyrics of the songs. Maybe next time, they will need more practice to perfect this craft.

MAKI and DAVE... training with a treat

This is Maki showing up obedience to his trainer Dave According to experts, there are two types of training your pet dogs and it should be done IMMEDIATELY as soon as your cuddly canine is so ready as well.

Grow Old With You

SOURCE What does a marriage signify? Is it a decision you made when you want a life beyond your fantasies... Is it a choice to live with someone totally not related to you but may mean your whole world? Is it a responsibility you have to take to make yourself worthier as a person and as an independent member of the society who has the ability to develop own productive family?  Or is it an obligation of your spirituality as a good child of God to reproduce an ideal image of humanity?