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Price Tag

We say that everything in this world has a price. Well, I may agree to that but the most cherished possessions are not being sold over the counter or online markets. It's not about the money. It's about value. Material things are temporary in nature. One of the wealthiest man in the planet just died. An astounding human being, a futurist and a creative genius in the person of STEVE JOBS , has finally reached the end of his journey after almost six decades of existence. He has left a remarkable legacy that will forever be integrated with our lives. His innovative products are valued according to their quality and specifications while his life is much more than an Apple logo. iAdmire iBelieve iRemember


Image Source Answered prayers come in His time. We realized the value of blessings not for the quantity. Neither for the beauty that captures our sight. Nor for the weight that never fit the scale. We knock and a door is open. We seek and we find... GOD will provide us what we need and not what we want.

Stolen Chances

I thought there's no way for me to get back with my writing again. I've been inactive for sometime and I almost lost motivation to update my blog. I am preoccupied with my new role: being a stay at home mom. I personally attend to my kids' unlimited needs especially my youngest who just turned one year old last month. Taking care of this cute, little toddler is eating up my time and effort. He's so dependent on me. I am the only one who can change his diaper, clean up his poop, bathe him and prepare his milk all night long. Good for me because I have a husband who is helpful enough to do his share in the house chores whenever available. At some point, I feel drained and exhausted but when I see my kids grow healthy and happy, I can always put a smile on my face even if I know that the following day, I'll do exactly the same things again and again. Being full time on this job is having no time for myself. I still have to please my hubby, give him a pri

Lights - Camera - Action!

Most mothers like me wish that every milestone her child takes is being noted. Some would keep a journal of candid photos and videos with detailed information or make a scrapbook just to document any significant development of their child... any little progress is a huge achievement. I have my two other children whom I love so dearly but I was not able to maintain a diary of events in their lives. I guess, the advancement of technology makes it easier for me to keep track of my baby's little milestones. In this video, I am talking to my baby Kiko and he somehow exchanged words in his own language. He's like explaining something to me. His eye movements seem to speak as well. He's almost four months old here. At five months, he can laugh and giggle ... even make some noises. I plan to organize his pictures and print them if time allows me to do so. I am still busy with him and I cannot do scrap booking yet. Meanwhile, I'll save everythi

Thank GOD, There's FACEBOOK

Image from the web Nowadays, people from around the world enjoy the convenience of using the internet. May it be for business or leisure, local or international news, entertainment, lifestyle and even online games. Just one click of a button and we can already reach places far across the globe. This advancement of technology paves the way to communicate better and easier. We can meet new and exciting friends and we can also find long-lost friends and acquaintances using global social networking websites like Friendster , Multiply and Facebook . One afternoon of September 12, while I was busy organizing my new photo album in Facebook , I thought of searching one of my old friend's name and fortunately, I find her profile and immediately sent my friend request.  She was then online and I received an immediate confirmation and that's it. We started to chat and we both felt an overwhelming gladness that after more than a decade, we were able to get in touch. We

Mom 24/7

CREDITS Being a new mother again after almost 10 years is an experience of mixed emotions. I thought I was only gifted to raise two undeniably good kids but to my surprise, another boy came out of my tummy through a third c-section operation. Now, I found myself with a bib on my right hand and a feeding bottle on my left. I realized that I am no longer a working mother but a "mom 24/7". It's not an easy job. It's challenging, very demanding and requires full attention, much effort and most of all... time consuming. I am not a first-time mom but it's my first time to be a full time mom. Yes, I am organized and detail-oriented. Maybe those are good traits I got from my mother but doing domestic chores simultaneously is somehow difficult and getting things done faster is likewise. Each passing day is a one-woman-show except for weekends and during my hubby's day off. Our house as my workplace now is much simpler to manage than to supervise a gr

My First Trimester Hang-ups

Photo Source I have been on a roller coaster ride overcoming and dealing with the distasteful circumstances of my first trimester. I could hardly take long exposure in front of our computer. I'm having headaches, stomach distress and some other physical anxieties. I know, these will pass. I will certainly get over the effects of hormonal changes happening inside me... maybe sooner or later. Please bear with me. Once I get back on my feet again, I have lots of interesting entries to share and more exciting stories to tell. 'JUST TAKING A BREAK