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The Pursuit of HAPPYness

It was only when I search this film in Google that I came to know, there exist a compelling movie which premiered in 2006 earning $27 million on its first week, grossing a total of more than $304 million in box office and accounted an additional $89 million in revenue sales of DVD in 2007 and I only got the chance to watch it on TV under HBO channel with my two kids together with our house help for almost five years, Bebeth who seemed to appreciate it as well. Pye who's more of an action/detective aficionado preferred to be in bed early. I was teary-eyed... emotive. Where is happiness if you are left homeless? Where is comfort if you are left with an empty pocket? Even in subway restrooms, in buses or in the streets... just to shelter his son. Even up to the last cent... just to feed him. Even in the streets... just walking with him. Even it takes a dream to make his son believe. Even if he knows that dreaming is a struggle... an ordeal. Even if life

Huling Kabanata

Napapad kung saan ang tanging pangarap ko. Tinangay ng hangin tinaboy sa malayo. Nasaktan ang damdamin takot nang mabigo. Natitirang pag-asa'y bigla pang naglaho. Ilang beses nang bumuo ng isang kastilyo. Inakalang matatag matibay ang pagkakatayo. Nadaanan lamang ng mahinang bagyo, nabuwal ang haligi't kisap-mata'y gumuho. Kailan ba matatapos matagal na paghihintay? May dahilan pa kaya ang magtiwala ng tunay? Matatagpuan pa kaya ang tinakdang kaugnay nitong pusong sadyang nawalan nang malay. (Photos from the web)


CREDITS biglang bumilis ang tibok ng puso nang tayo'y unang magkatagpo. sa kaba at lito ay nalimutan ko itanong man lang ang pangalan mo. mula noon ay di na natahimik ang ngiti mo ang laging nasa isip. kailan kaya muling masisilayan ang ganda mong kay hirap talikdan? pati sa pagtulog, napapangarap ka. ewan ko ba... anong nadarama ibaling man sa iba ang pagtingin ikaw pa rin ang hangarin ngunit dumating ang di inaasahan ako't ikaw ay nagkabanggaan nagkatinginan... o kay liit pala ng mundo! di man ituro ang daang patungo kung magkapalad ay talagang magtatagpo ang pag-ibig sadya ngang ganito.


ika'y mistulang dagat na kay lalim arukin. sa 'yong kababawan, lagaslas sa dalampasigan. sa pag-ihip ng hangin, alon mo'y naglalambing. laman ng 'yong isip ay kay hirap sisirin. taglay mong katangian ay likas na kayamanan. dulot ay kagalakan sa tanang nasisilayan. subalit kung marungisan ng salot at karimlan, sadya ngang kalupitan ang tinamong kasawian. isang bangkang naglalayag sa pusod mo'y napadpad. kalinga mo'y di sumapat lumayo at tuluyang umusad. kay gandang pagmasdan ang iyong kalawakan salamin sa kalangitan lihim na sinulyapan. sa paglubog ng araw and tana'y naghihintay. buwan ang kaulayaw hanggang sa bukang-liwayway. Images not mine

China Crisis

Other than being the world's most populated country, China is also the world's third largest country by area with Beijing as its capital. It's official name is the People's Republic of China . Their republic was proclaimed on October 1, 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party, which set for itself the awesome task of uniting and mobilizing a population impoverished and exhausted by 37 years of domestic chaos, war and foreign invasion in the construction of a modern industrial socialist society and the achievement of great power status. Imperial China had been a civilization, technologically sophisticated, economically and culturally self-sufficient, living in self-imposed isolation from the rest of the world. Chinese culture is an integral part of Chinese society acclaiming it as an important achievement of the Chinese civilization and its national identity. But came the 21st century, China marked global records of catastrophe dating from year 2000 up to present br

But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous Morning of May 15 of 2006: "Yeah. We'll meet at exactly 10am, hotel's lobby. Sure. Bye Uncle." Dane dropped her cellphone after talking to her Uncle Resty about his offer to Karla. She will be featured on Filipinas, a well known magazine being circulated in the whole of US. Uncle Resty was a freelance writer of the said magazine and he wanted Karla's portrait be his subject: The Shape of the New Future Filipina. Her looks was stunning and her image somehow captivated the creative mind of Mr. Restituto Marasigan. "Are you having second thoughts, Karla? Just tell me. Maybe, Uncle Resty will understand if you don't feel like taking the photo shoot. There you go again, Kaye. Having those insecurities will not help you. Look at yourself in the mirror! You're such an amazing woman... so beautiful and fresh. Don't be naive, Kaye. Bring out that confidence! Strike a pose like this." Dane was starting to look lik

A Dream To Last

CREDITS twice i've tried to seek for love but neither i succeed. i've loved and cared for once and for only once i did. the chance i never had to catch a sight of view for a thing along the path had blocked my way to you. so true a love that bloomed on a land with a heart unsure can find no gleam of light but a room too shadowed and obscure. the pain of truth, i feared to face but the wheel of life shall live to chase. what you sense today doesn't mean tomorrow. more fancy dreams are yet to follow. it's only time can fill the gap of two adjacent roads that fell apart. after an eye had shed a tear no trace was left for me to cheer but an old swain gave a life anew then vowed unfailing words of hue. i clutched the luck, begun to sham despite the truth i gave no damn. forced myself to carry on and took the risk to oblivion. the more i tried to work it out the harder it was to turn about no matter how much th