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Just For Thoughts

Let's take a break... Make your mind works and forget about clicking that search engine. OK? 1. John 3:16 states "For God so loved the world that He gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." This Bible verse is so famous that everyone of us should know by heart. Use the key words to form a six-letter word that best explains it. What have you got? Thanks DIDACHE! ( Kerygma Family ) 2. Now, can you still remember your mathematics operations? Then solve this: 51-11/2+7x4 I hope you answered it right because if not, "My Dear Aunt Sally" will bite your head off. 3. What TV commercial is it? Let your fingers do the walking Finger lickin' good Make yourself heard It melts in your mouth, not in your hand The next big thing By it. Sell it. Love it. Do you have the bunny inside? It's the real thing Be happy Everything We Do is Driven By You.

No Secrets, Just Fate

My Dad and Mom Now see them after more than 40 years and still counting... Two people bound to share life together, forever. I have heard a lot of stories about relationships and I too agree that there are no secrets to a successful marriage but there are some aspects that will help battle marital problems and maintain a lasting union… make each moment truly meaningful. According to R. Morgan Griffin featured in WebMD, there are 10 Secrets to a Better Love Life. • Rekindle the spark in your romance • Get away from home • Try a style makeover • Explore your fantasies • Ask your partner the same question • Try something new • Seek help for problems • Take your time • Don’t worry about everyone else • Make an effort I believe that these suggestions coming from the experts may in one way or another put marriage in the right track but I know that there are some people who will have the same opinion as mine that the basis of a long-term relationship depends on how

I'll Be Yours My Love

danny, who was then 17 and abby, who was a year older met for the first time during a town fiesta on august of 1967. t hey became lovers september of the same year but because of a simple kiss on the cheek that caught the eye of a malicious onlooker, they were forced to elope a month later and soon got married. after nine months ... came their firstborn child named, ma. theresa