I am a full time mom to three wonderful kids and
a full time wife to the most dependable husband. 
Being with my family is the best and most rewarding commitment.
I'm well-organized but I am no obsessive-compulsive one. 
I just want everything in place, a good trait that I acquired from my MOM.
I am fascinated with the life stories of famous 
and influential people from around the world. 
I have a great respect for elders. 
I believe that it's not what i say that matters, it's how i say it. 
I treasure my family the most. 
They're the wind beneath my wings. 
With their presence, I truly enjoy every detail in life. 
I am spiritual. GOD is the center of my being. 
HE's my strength... My faith is not only measured 
by doing good things to other people but 
by being the best person HE wants me to be.

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