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Cuteness Overload

Icing on his face Do you think this photo is cute? Well, you're absolutely right. This is what I call, "cuteness overload". If you are a parent with young kids around, I'm sure you have done some naughty things that made them chuckle and giggle like showing them your wackiest face, playing peekaboo, imitating animals' sounds or any silly demonstration that may tickle their little minds.  There’s no better stress-buster than a baby laugh. It's music to our ears and the sound it makes drives us crazy. They are just adorable. That's my youngest son in the picture when he's one year old. His Papa smeared some chocolate "icing on his face". The smile is so naive and innocent. He didn't even know that his Papa's making fun of him.  This was taken during our summer outing in Laguna and happened to be his older brother's birthday. Everything is open to serve you This second photo is epic... That's Kiko aga