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It's Been A Year

Lizette at her Debut Party, 2013
Lizette at her Debut Party, 2013
Yeah! It's been a year now since my daughter had her most memorable birthday... her debut celebration.

She will be turning 19 tomorrow and I am glad she reached this chapter of her life without any health problems, her grades this semester are the highest so far with GPA of 1.64, she's still beautiful and getting more appealing and thank God her status is not yet "IAR" which means, Mama has nothing to worry about boys at this point. Her being a fan girl somehow decreases the possibility of  being involved with someone as of the moment.

Her mind is pre-occupied with the incredible cuteness of Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael.. the four Aussie guys who dominated the music scene with their debut worldwide release of "She Looks So Perfect" in February, 2014 - topping the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. Their self-titled album was released  in June 2014. 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer) is a boy band that rocks Lizette's world upside-down.

So, don't you wonder why she's single but not available. Actually, she's saving funds to afford their ticket in an upcoming concert in the Philippines. OMG!! I just hope it's not  as high as 1D Live in Manila.

Well, enough for 5SOS because I'm having "LSS" (last song syndrome) with their songs that are repeatedly playing in my subconscious. She never gets enough of Amnesia.

In case you haven't read the highlights of her debut party, please feel free to check these out:

One more year and she will no longer be called a teenager but a young adult who's ready to make her own decisions, aspire bigger and bolder dreams, take responsibility for actions done and build a credible yet humble personality. 

As she enters adulthood, I wish her to be more mature and independent but also mindful of our guidance and support in whatever endeavor she has to pursue in the future.



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