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Diagnosed with Cystic Follicle

TVS diagnosis
Every woman should know her reproductive system not only because it is an essential part of existence but for purposes of prevention and treatment of possible diseases that may be encountered in a lifetime.

Being a woman and mother, I'm aware that as I grow older, I will experience a lot of changes, psychological or physical. I passed the stage of adolescence and puberty long time ago. I've already enjoyed the gift of conception and pregnancy. And now, I'm entering a new chapter... my middle age.

A sudden change in my menstrual flow compelled me to see my OB-Gyne. I discussed some details in this post. My latest TVS also showed a Cystic Follicle in my left ovary. Dra. Legaspi told me that there's nothing serious about it. It's just an egg that had not ruptured. Nevertheless, I should undergo TVS after 3 months and see if the cyst gets smaller.

What is Cystic Folllicle or Follicular Cyst?
It resembles a bubble that contains fluid and is surrounded by a thin wall. It is considered a simple cyst or non-cancerous one. Women of all ages may have this kind of functional cyst because it occurs normally and disappears on its own.

"If a follicle fails to rupture and release the egg, the fluid remains and can form a cyst in the ovary. This usually affects one of the ovaries. Small cysts (smaller than one-half inch) may be present in a normal ovary while follicles are being formed."-Source

Follicular cysts are mostly painless and harmless with no serious complications, however if the cyst becomes large and ruptures, a woman may experience the following: - Source

  • there may be pain, pressure, or bloating in the low abdomen
  • nausea, vomiting, tenderness in the breasts, or a change in length of the menstrual cycle
  • can put pressure on the bladder or bowels. This can cause a woman to feel like she needs to use the bathroom.
  • if accompanied by fever or nausea, seek medical treatment immediately

My TVS result showing a cystic follicle
My TVS result showing a cystic follicle


  1. I'm glad that there's nothing serious about it. This is a reminder that I should visit my doctor soon. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. I completely agree. I always tell my friends (and younger women I know) that they should get checked by an OB GYN annually. It's even recommended that girls get checked regularly when they reach 18 years of age or if she is sexually active.

    I found out early 2013 that I had PCOS when I felt that something was not right with how my menses are going and with how my body has been reacting to the birth control shot that I had then. Luckily for me, it wasn't too severe and we were able to conceive later that year also.


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