KIKO is Turning Five

Five years back, I glanced at this cute chubby face for the very first time. From day one up to this writing, he never fails to amuse me... the way he thinks and speaks out his thoughts, the way he moves and reacts to situations. He has this prominent character that makes our lives more interesting and tiresome at the same time.

Newly born Kiko
Newly born Kiko
I was bound to be a mother for the last time with him and I will surely miss being pregnant and feel the first trimester hang-ups. Having three wonderful kids is a treasure itself. Being a mother is priceless.

Looking for a nanny is no longer relevant. I can't imagine anybody to take care of him other than myself. It's not that he's so dependent on me as normal kids do with their moms but, I guess I'm the one who is dependent on him.

Few weeks ago, he thought of sleeping with his Kuya KD. For the first time, he's out of our bed. My husband and I were unable to sleep soundly. Maybe, we are not used to be separated with Kiko at night. It seems that I am not ready for it, yet. I need more time to prepare myself for that kind of adjustment.

The 2-night trial ended when Kiko suddenly felt an ache in his mouth and he had to wake up in the middle of the night, knocked at our room's door just to tell me that he's not feeling well. That's when he got back to our bed and slept with us again. He needed me... he still longs for a mother's touch, my TLC.

Tomorrow is Kiko's 5th birthday. I'm still his 24/7 hands-on mom attending to his daily needs. I'm his fetcher to and from school. He's the very reason why I preferred to stay home and never worked corporately again. I want to witness every step he makes and always be there to guide his path. Actually, I'm enjoying my role as a full-time mother to my other two kids. Raising two teenagers of this generation is quite challenging as well.

 Browsing through old files, I stumbled upon this video:

1-year old Kiko learning to say grace before meal

Kiko with Olaf sitting cushion - advance birthday gift from Ate Aya
Kiko with Olaf sitting cushion
(advance birthday gift from Ate Aya)


  1. Giving birth is a wonderful and painful experience a woman can ever had. But once the baby is out its all worth the pain. The first pic really melts my heart so precious. Enjoy every single day with your kids. Nowadays they grow so fast.

  2. Ang sabi nga nila, ang bunso ang pinakamasarap alagaan ng isang ina. I love the video, at an early age marunong na siyang magpasalamat sa mga blessings.

  3. We Filipinos have a different way of raising our children. Our western counterparts have their babies in another room, separate from theirs. My youngest son could not fall asleep at night unless we were "pinky-finger bound." I think he never outgrew the habit, he just modified it. Now that he is a young man, he still holds up his pinky finger to loop around mine when we watch tv together.

  4. Happy 5th birthday Kiko :-) I wish all you all the love and happiness on your birthday. Please stay kind and loving to everybody :-)

  5. Aww such a precious post for the darling little man, happy birthday Kiko!

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome son Kiko! Lucky you have 3, we only have 1 but I could not agree with you more. Being a mother is priceless. I also worked in the corporate world before but gave that up to be a stay at home mom. I would love to be a SAHM as long as possible.

    Hope your celebration was a fun successful occasion!

  7. ang bilis ng panahon anakis is turning 4 this coming September too...parang kelan nga lang yun much as i wanted to spent 24/7 with her...its impossible especially that i am a single mom..i really need to work for the two of us. and agree, motherhood is priceless!

  8. Giving up your career to stay at home to be with your children full time is commendable. Your children are s lucky to get that kind of attention from you.

  9. such an awesome child, time flies so fast and now he is 5 . i wish him all the blessings and good health.

  10. How time flies! Your baby has now grown into a handsome young man. Soon, he'll tell you about his crushes and pretty soon he'll introduce to you his sweetheart. Dont' we all moms wish that time would slow down a bit so that we could spend more time with our li'l ones?

  11. time flies! now, that's a cute birthday present right there!

  12. this is a sweet post. I'd like to be a WAHM na din someday. hihi.


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