Image Editing by Clairetography

There are practically million ways to enhance or edit a photograph. Modern technology offers a variety of applications in which it can be possible. Image editing can be used to manipulate or modify certain image such as correcting imperfections, re-sizing or cropping, adjusting color or any purpose for that matter. But there are applications available that can create a simple photo into a work of art.

I've posted a number of blog entries about my talented niece, Claire Dave. She can be a promising photographer. Just look at how she perfectly captured amazing jump shots here. She's fond of editing pictures of herself and created these makeovers.

Adobe Photoshop is complex and requires training to master the program but there are easier to use tools like what Claire Dave is using to create these edits:

Image Editing by Clairetography - pic1

Lizette's Pre Debut Pictorial

The weather was perfect! We reached La Mesa Ecopark at around 10 in the morning of October 5, 2013. It's our first time to explore such ecological nature reserve located at East Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines. 

Lizette wore three outfits for the photo shoot: 

  • First Outfit - Black and Teal Blue Square Printed Crop Top and Black Skater Skirt
  • Second Outfit -  Lime Green Spaghetti Strap Flounced Crop Top with Sleeveless Denim Bolero Jacket and Neon Pink High-Waisted, Ripped, Buttoned Shorts
  • Third Outfit - UCLA Blue Tee with John Lennon's Face on graphics and Acid Wash Denim Shorts

Thanks for the superb services of Kimpee Catinoy, hair and make-up stylist and Sir Archie, the photographer from Treasured Memories for bringing out the best of Lizette's appeal and charm. Their expertise complimented her total look.

Be delighted to see the outcome of this pictorial.

Lizette's Pre Debut Pictorial - pic1
Lizette, the debutante

What Other Hearts May Say

As humans who are rational in nature, we have the ability to comprehend and understand the definition of LOVE. We cannot describe it in only one word because of its complexity but we can express it in countless ways.

Our mind can control our emotions but our heart may say otherwise.

Can you find your heart here?

GRATEFUL heart may say...

"My life has never been this amazing since you came into my world. You've accepted me for what I am and love me for who I am. Despite the past, you're here to stay."

GENEROUS heart may say:

"I love you more than myself. If you're happy with someone else, I'm willing to give up the fight and if ever you failed to seek the love I gave you... never think twice, I'm always waiting for your return."