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Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

Every milestone in life is a remarkable event... an occasion to celebrate and be grateful for. Nothing is worthier than appreciating God's blessings and praising Him everyday. Either in joy or sorrow, we close our eyes... kneel down to ask for guidance, and utter our intentions. The most anticipated day has come. November 16, 2013, marked the 18th birthday of my daughter. As we shared a momentous night in her life, we offered a prayer to ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon us and bowed our heads in God's divine presence. Claire Dave Ellis The opening prayer was delivered by: Claire Dave Ellis Magos , a younger cousin of our debutante, is currently in 7 th  Grade at La Immaculada Concepcion School. Their closeness goes beyond being cousins because Lizette treats her like a baby sister. THE OPENING PRAYER "GOD of all creation, worthy of our praise, we are grateful for Your presence in this evening’s celebration of life. We thank You for this opportuni