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Some Age-Related Changes Before Reaching My Golden Year

My first ever reading glasses Am I old already? Age is beginning to take over my system. These are the obvious reasons: Firstly , I have to take one dose of 10mg Amlodipine Besilate for my asymptomatic hypertension... Secondly , I have to color my hair to cover my increasing strands of grey hair... Thirdly , I notice that I'm no longer mentally sharp. I easily forget things unlike before when I used to memorize my poems from start to end but now, I can hardly recall my own compositions. Fourthly , I have to wear a pair of reading glasses now. Since I have vision problems that are congenital in nature as I discussed in this post , I thought my inability to see objects that are near or read small print is another eye defect. Well, it's not a disease but a natural occurrence that affects everyone as we reach certain age, called Presbyopia. Oh my goodness... gracious!! I can no longer deny the fact that I'm nearing to join the club of golden girls. Few more ye