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My Husband's Lover - Their Opinions and Mine

Lally, Eric and Vincent What's the catch? Is there a magic ingredient that spices up this complicated story of three people trapped in the name of love? What made this the most talked about prime-time drama television series in the country today? Premiered June 10, 2013..  "My Husband's Lover" (MHL)  undoubtedly captured the hearts of many viewers of any gender. A lot of people can find themselves in the story because it does not only deal with relationship issues like sex and infidelity but also highlights the value of being with the family that accepts who and what you are no matter what. An intriguing presentation of social realities involving the homosexuals and the gay community. The story is told from the perspective of the wife through an audio narration as the incidents unfold. It explains how did her past greatly affect the present and how will her present change her future.