Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekend From Buon Giorno to Icebergs

We're nearing the last days of July of 2013 but I still can't get over with June because of the special days it offered to the whole family. The first part was an awesome family bonding. You can read the whole story here and the second peg of celebration was a simple yet significant day for our bundle of joy... Check this out.

The eating never stopped until our bellies get loaded so, I'm pretty sure you have an idea about the title of this post.

Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekends - Buon Giorno's main entrance
Buon Giorno's main entrance
June 23, My PYE's BIG Day - Remembering our loved ones on their birthdays has been a tradition to many Filipinos. We may have grand celebrations or just a simple greeting will do.

Since my husband's special day was on a Sunday, we had a lunch at Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro at the Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas, Pasig City ( beside The Medical City).

I think we were one of the first customers to come in at around 10 in the morning that day. By the way, thanks to my brother for dropping us there.

Buon Giorno is an Italian word that means "Good Morning" so the resto name itself is very inviting. 

My daughter and I just took our breakfast a little less than an hour so we still have to get our appetite back but when we laid eyes on that tender and flavorful marbled Rib Eye Steak (P598), meaty and tender pork Baby Back Ribs (P598) complimented with their special barbecue sauce, both with side dishes of mixed vegies and sliced potatoes... we just have to take a bite, NO... lots of bites. OMG!