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HIV and AIDS - If you have these, would you mind coming out?

Image Credit When we talk about this dreaded illness, first thing that comes to our mind is DEATH. Like the big "C", when someone is inflicted with HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, victims considered it a hopeless case and knowing the fact that there's still no cure, only maintenance medications that fight the virus.. makes it even more frightening... seemingly, there's no LIFE after AIDS. HIV and AIDS are related terms but not the same thing: HIV  is the virus that attacks and weakens the immune system but can be controlled and managed. The virus is found in blood and sexual fluids that can be transmitted through unprotected sex encounters, sharing hypodermic needles and an infected mother to her unborn child. AIDS  is a condition developed when the body has been weakened by HIV. It's the final stage of infection. Today, this incurable illness is no longer considered a death sentence rather, a chronic manageable condition. The infected person