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Merry Month of June Part 2 - A Playdate and A Cake

Kiko's 4th Birthday photos It's been a Filipino tradition to have pancit (birthday noodles) or spaghetti included in the menu served during birthdays because according to old folks, these long noodles symbolize long life and good health. Since we are three celebrators of June... we have three separate birthday feasts. The first one was on: June 20, Kiko's 4th Birthday  - My husband and I fetched him from school. We had lunch at Jollibee with his classmate since Pre-nursery, Ashlyn along with her Mama Rose. After eating their fave Jollibee foods - french fries with catsup and chickenjoy with rice for Kiko, rice mixed with gravy for Ashlyn... they played together for the first time and just enjoyed the small kids' playground. They would slide down a couple of times... go back and forth to the tube and small cubicles. We could see the overwhelming joy in their faces. I super like the top photo showing these two playdates holding hands together. So CUTE! So