The Day My Own LIFE Begins

"Two in a row, I toiled in vain.
Yet not a thorn to start again.
I'll search, I'll quest, I'll even cast...
So long the time allows this dream to last."

These last four lines are excerpts from my poem written in 1987. I thought I would never found someone who will embrace my past, present and future, until...

Just like any other boring day of the week, I still found myself sitting on that chair inside that seemingly boring office as well. Someone knocked at the door and before I got there to open it, a guy in a blue shirt entered only to ask me, "Nandyan ba si Amy?" (Is Amy around?) That was a brief glance. The very first time I laid eyes on him. It was 14 February 1994, more than nineteen years back.

That short meeting was followed by few more acquaintances and several talks on the phone. His voice struck me. Actually, that’s one trait I like most about him. He always had a way to surprise me. He often paid unexpected visits. He would come to the office all the way from Cavite where he was assigned, wearing that so familiar camouflage jacket... waited for hours until I finished my work for the day.

After almost two months of constantly dating, I formally accepted him. That was April 8 of the same year. I gave him a card... a card with two diamonds meaning he won over my heart because he got the highest one.