Francis Dan Riel, Also-Known-As KIKO

More than four years ago
I've never thought
that another baby would
be brought to the world...

Like most expectant mothers,
I already prepared a name for my upcoming baby.
 One name for a boy: Francis Dan Riel, derived from

Francisco - name of my father-in-law
Danilo - name of my father
Ariel - my husband's name

two selections for a girl: Karla Ariesa and Lourina Therese, originated from

Ariel and Theresa - my husband's name and mine
Lourdes and Marina - my mother's name and name of my mother-in-law

Since, we have already a daughter and a son, the baby's gender was no longer an issue to us. But my OB-Gyne recommended a pelvic ultrasound during my fifth moth of pregnancy. The fact that I was having pre-term labor, she would like to know the fetal size, check on the placenta and amniotic fluid. She wanted to determine what caused my abdomen to harden frequently.


Within a gravid uterus is a single fetal structure, presently in cephalic presentation with biparietal diameter of 6.0 cm, femoral length of 4.5 cm and abdominal circumference of 20.4 cm equivalent to 24 weeks 3 days, 24weeks 3 days and 24 weeks 6 days age of gestation, respectively. Real time scan show active somatic movement and vigorous cardiac pulstations with HR = 134 beat/min. Placenta is posterior, grade l maturity with no evidence of previa. Amniotic fluid is aduquate with AFV = 12 cm. EFW = 773 g.