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A Bunch of KIKO's First Times at MICA's 7th Birthday Party

My youngest son, Kiko is turning four next month and he seems to be older than his age. He can be a strict leader in a platoon of kids in the neighborhood or even a lenient ambassador of goodwill who always wants to share his favorite toys. He's naive and jolly... a little naughty but witty. His social, physical and mental development improve tremendously... that's when he attended pre-nursery classes. He can play alone without my presence and is able to deal independently with little nuisance caused by other kids. He got a lot of " first times " in his growth timeline and I was there in every step of the way. I may not document everything but I wish to record some significant ones. And now, behold his first ever experience to attend a 7th birthday celebration of his cousin, Mica last May 18 at Palmdale Heights Condominium activity center in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City. His first time to wear a semi-formal attire  with face paint and mohawk hairstyle