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Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 2

Two days after the anticipated inaugural, we had the chance to see this one of a kind aquatic world. My husband and I along with our three children headed to Las Farolas to experience how it is to be inside the so called labyrinth-like fish museum with mysterious pathways. Pye paid for our admission fees : 2 adults for  P800.00 and 3 discounted student-rates for P900, a total of P1,700.00 for an exciting tour inside the amusement center that showcases ornamental freshwater fishes bred from captivity to prevent some species from extinction due to natural adversity and indiscriminate human acts. Pye at the payment counter As we enter the oceanarium, we were welcomed by friendly usherettes. According to them, we're the second group of visitors who came that morning of April 26.