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Kurt Dariel, My Second Child

KD, my second child Harder than a Diamond Like most couples, my husband and I went through some conflicts in our early years of marriage. There were times that resolving our differences were far from happening because of immaturity and selfish behavior. Being the eldest in my family and he, being the youngest made us clash at some point. I could hardly adjust to the nature of his job and living up to each others expectations seemed to contribute a lot of pressure. But we somehow survived these difficulties because we both had a common goal of making our marriage work. We had our civil wedding in January 18 of 1995 and decided to renew our vows after 3 1/2 years with a simple church matrimony... so simple that no entourage was needed to grace the ceremony. It's important for both of us to be joined together and blessed by the holy sacrament of marriage witnessed by our closest family and friends.