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Age Gaps Between Siblings

My three children ages 17, 13 and 3 (based on their last birthdays) With three growing children in the house ages - seventeen, thirteen and three... life is not a piece of cake. Each of them holds a different personality and mood. They may have some traits in common like being playful and naive but their age gaps never put me and my husband in a tight spot. My eldest is 4 years older than my second while my youngest has a 10-year age difference with his kuya (older brother)... quite a big difference. Although their age intervals are considered ideal in the concept of family planning... I make sure that their individual needs and interests are being attended fairly to avoid conflicts. I always teach them the value of respect... that, it is not forcibly given but instinctively earned... that, if they know how to respect others, they will be respected in return- the golden rule. Research shows that sibling rivalry tends to be at its strongest when the age gap between chil