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A Mother's Story... A Painful Struggle

Photo Link Maundy Thursday 9PM MYE's Viewing Time on the SCREEN... a heartwarming movie A Mother's Story STARRING Pokwang as Remedios "Medy" Santos Xyriel Manabat as Queenie Santos Rayver Cruz as King Santos Nonie Buencamino as Gerry Santos Beth Tamayo as Helen Ana Capri as Celia Jaime Fabregas as Edgar Aaron Junatas as Young King K Brosas as Neneng Daria Ramirez as Choleng Caitlin Cummings as Cherry SYNOPSIS Medy portrayed by Pokwang, is a makeup artist of a popular concert star, who later on chose her as a personal make-up artist in a concert tour in the United States for a week. She's a mother of two- a son, (Aaron Junatas, and later, Rayver Cruz), and an infant daughter with a jobless husband, (Noni Buencamino).

Comments are Valuable... Don't Just Say Anything, Say Something

Source I was busy with my laundry yesterday so I had to leave my online tasks for a while. But thanks to my hubby for giving me a mobile phone smart enough (actually, it's the most techie phone I've ever had so far) to let me peep on my FB account, read some emails and check out my two blogs. I must admit, comments particularly posted on my blogs are very important because, they somehow motivate me to write more quality contents, cool articles and beautiful poetry. Aside from being acquainted with other people and absorbing their kind and sometimes critical words, I learn something from my readers as well.