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VIRUS... VIRUS... Go Away

Credits One of the common viral illnesses nowadays is URTI or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. My hubby started it all and I was afraid that all of us might catch these disease-causing organisms and it worried me. But days after, my daughter and youngest son begun to show signs and eventually infected by the same virus. They suffered from high fever so, my husband and I decided to bring them to the clinic and have them checked. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and advised them to have at least 4-day complete rest.  They skipped school for almost a week. I just hope my second son will  not be affected  but I am now experiencing the same symptoms.

Tiendesitas' PETS for Sale

They are innocently waiting for someone to come and take them. They are patiently staying inside their temporary shelter. They seem to be aloof to a stranger's touch... until they are being handed over  to their respective commanders.