My Daily Routine


Waking up with a list of tasks to undertake
has become a daily regimen.
These must be performed
otherwise... everything will pile up
and if chores accumulate...
the BIG "S" (stress) will take over my system
and my asthma attacks will follow.
This is a chain reaction and I have no
other better alternative but
to get things done and over with.
My work place starts in the bedroom,
then in the kitchen, dining, living, bathroom
practically.. all around the house
or even out like in school, bank, supermarket and drugstore.
I still have online activities
that need my attention as well.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


How do you differentiate music of yesterday and songs of this new millennium?  How do OLD and NEW songs influence human race and affect the lives of people from every generation?

My son, who is currently in second year high school, asked me about a particular song by Peter Paul and Mary entitled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone". Actually, I have no idea about the song except for the knowledge that it's an old song sung by an old classic group. He searched it in YouTube  and played.

So, what's the point in being curious with this more than five decade song? Well, it's an Asian History assignment and Kurt will make a reaction paper on this. I only shared some of my views about the song and my own interpretation but apparently, I found myself searching the internet and this is what I found: