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Lizette Turns 18 - The Invitation

One of the most significant party essentials is the invitation. When I started to plan for my daughter's debut celebration, my major concern is to have it simple and budget-friendly yet I have to make sure that the event would turn out as elegant and sophisticated as possible. 

So, how did I manage to do both? Well, I just apply the principle of canvassing with the help of online inquiries that provide a wide variety of choices in party needs. I searched the internet and discover some good finds. I have to admit that going from one shop to another never crossed my mind since, it would indeed require much of my time and effort.

I considered taking the services of Hannah's Collection which happens to be an event planner at the same time. They made the alterations for the 2 gowns that my daughter wore during the party and the invitations as well.

We've seen different types of invitations from the most expensive to the simplest ones but my daughter preferred the latter. 

Take a look at her 3-fold Debut Party Invites:

Lizette turns 18 invitation

The Invitation Wordings:

“As I enter a new phase in my life, I will leave the memories of my past behind but a fresh beginning awaits me. My journey will continue moving forward yet the lessons I've learned will guide my present and direct my future. I know that not all good things happen as I wish it would, but I believe that God will take me to the world I most deserved. I owe this eighteenth year of my existence to my family, relatives and friends who dearly care a lot. Your presence in my life completes me as a person.”

So, join me
as I bid farewell to my childhood
and take my very first step to womanhood
Let’s celebrate my

18th Birthday

with a Dinner Dance Party
Saturday, November 16, 2013   
5 O’clock in the afternoon
at the
Main Hall, Multi-Purpose Center
Camp Crame, Quezon City

ATTIRE: Formal
(Any color preferably Black or White except Teal Blue and Lilac)

If you have inquiries regarding some party essentials, just visit and like their Facebook Page here or contact them through their website: Big Heart's Events.



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