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Lizette Turns 18 - Candles and Toasts

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Candles
Lizette Turns 18 -  18 Candles 

18 candles will be lit up by 18 of the debutante’s closest friends and relatives. Every candle symbolizes a year of her existence.  Each one will be a visible reminder of LIZETTE’s triumph over challenges in life… serves as eternal lamp that brings her optimistic view of the world she’s about to enter and a guiding light that gives her a sense of direction.

1.         Julius Puquiz - For  long life

2.        Gilbert Oguin - For good health

3.        Arianne Macaraeg - For financial independence

4.        Jasmine Rabe - For spiritual enlightenment

5.        Valerie Lariga - For peace of mind

6.        M.C. Hernandez - For strength and determination

7.        Antonette Encarna - For courage and will power

8.        Blessie Calderon - For knowledge enrichment

9.        Catherine Cantoria- For her safe travels to see the beauty of the world

10.     Hazel Offemaria - For success and genuine happiness

11.     Hyacinth Mationg - For her family’s unity and harmony

12.     Kristel Botana - For stronger friendship ties

13.     Alyana and Aysha Reyes - For social awareness and concern

14.     Laurice Alfonso - For everlasting love

15.     CJ Sarmiento - For enhancement of her talents and skills

16.     Ada Enriquez - For her everlasting beauty

17.     Kyla Ancheta - For more opportunities to come

18.     Mich Magos - For her purpose driven life 

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Toasts
Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Toasts

18 toasts will be offered to congratulate the debutante for reaching this milestone in her life. Every toast means a warm wish for a promising future ahead.  It’s a way of appreciating and honoring her humble presence in the lives of those people who in any way touched her heart and have been significant part of her life.


  1. When I was reading the debut posts it brings back the memory of my 18th debut. I love how each things included on the ceremony has a symbol. Nice blog! You can visit my site too and we can follow each other on GFC and other connecting sites. Just let me know. Keep in touch dear :)


  2. very helpful for emcee.. gosh so tense and pressure too. I'm the emcee


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