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Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Roses and Their Symbolisms

18 roses will be handed to her by 18 dearest men in LIZETTE’s life. They will dance with her, one after the other with the tune of her most favorite romantic songs.

Now, let’s explore the richness of Rose’s meaning and its lush symbolism.

  1. BALANCE - to remain upright and steady

    Jobi  Bermudez
    - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information Technology student at STI, Concepcion, Marikina. He’s very close to Lizette even though they seldom get a chance to see each other. They can update their status via Facebook. They are often times being mistaken as BF-GF.

  1. FAITH – strong belief on something

    Janjan Bermudez - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information technology student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. They go to the same University but rarely see each other in the campus but when their Tita Alice calls for a get together… it’s bonding time to the max.

  2. HONOR – high respect

    Kiko Bermudez - her youngest brother who is currently in Nursery at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s super excited to dance with her Ate and even practiced a number of times just for this most anticipated moment.

  3. DEVOTION – overwhelming affection

    Kd Bermudez - 3 ½ years younger than our debutant... is in 3rd Year High School at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s a 9Gag enthusiast. Being so telegenic and photogenic as well, he has been dubbed as good-looking guy with a killer smile. (Smile naman jan…)

  4. TIMELESSNESS – a state of eternal existence

    Clarence Magos - her younger cousin who studies at Accelerated Christian School through Special Education. He is looking forward to this night. You can just see on his face how thrilled he is to perfect his steps.

  5. WISDOM – quality of being wise

    Basti Sarmiento – is Lizette’s younger cousin who is currently in Grade 5 at Pasig Catholic College. Basti has great interest in music. He plays drums… loves to sing and dance. Bruno Mars includes in his fave artists.

  6. RENEWAL – fresh or make strong again

    Ken Milleza – is another younger cousin, 7th Grade at Pasig Catholic College. He’s into sports like basketball and a certified table tennis champ.

  7. LIGHT – illumination of brightness

    Claurice Sta. Ana – a close friend of Lizette, a 2nd year college student at University of the East taking up BS Information Technology. He’s a shout caster at TNC ( TheNet.Com) Gaming Events Team.

  8. INNOCENCE – freedom from sin

    Jayson Jalique – another close friend who is a 1st year college student at AMA taking up BS Information Technology. He loves playing DOTA( Defense of The Ancients )

  9. SACRIFICE – a surrender of something of value

    Adrian Arroyo – one of Lizette’s closest friend who is also-known-as “MANOK”. He’s a basketball player and coach at the same time. Lebrone James is his favorite NBA player.

  10. HEALTH – a condition of optimal well--being

    Karlo Santiago – is Lizette’s  high school mate and becomes very close friend now in college. He studies at University of the East taking up BS Tourism.

  11. LOVE – intense emotional attachment or an expression of one’s affection

    Kenneth Ramirez – is a 2nd year BSBA Marketing Management student at Pasig Catholic College. He has been a friend of Lizette since high school and remains as close friend until now.

  12. JOY – great happiness

    Martin Macatangay – one of Lizette’s close friends in college. He also studies at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. taking up BSBA majoring in Human Resource Development Management, same course as Lizette’s.

  13. BEAUTY – a quality of brilliance and originality, visibly pleasing

    Earl Santos – is our debutant’s best friend who is presently an Information and Communication Engineering Technology student at Rizal Technological University. He plays guitar.

  14. PASSION – a deep overwhelming emotion or strong feeling of enthusiasm

    Limar Macapinlac – her uncle or Tito who is very close to our debutant because of the small age difference. They’re like barkadas and whenever they get the chance to spent time together like summer outing and reunion, they always strike their best pose.

  15. KINDNESS – a quality of being generous and considerate

    DL De Asis – is Lizette’s uncle or Tito, who is fondly called DDEL by his pamangkins, an alumna of Ateneo De Manila, graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Management Information System… is currently a Systems Analyst at AIG Shared Services. He’s a music enthusiast and actually a good singer in his own right.

  16. HOPE – a feeling of expectation, desire or trust and confidence

    Dan De Asis – is the grandfather of our debutant. Lizette calls him DADDY, a School Service Operator at Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig. He loves playing Candy Crush and watching sports on TV are some of his favorite past time.

  17. LIFE – the significance of existence in general

    Ariel Bermudez – is the father of our debutant. She calls him PAPA, a Police Officer, currently assigned at Camp Crame. He’s a big fan of basketball. He can hardly get over new wave era and the 80’s music. Just like any other father, he has strict discipline but can be a warm companion especially when it comes to food hopping. Lizette and her Papa have one thing in common, they love to eat.

Why rose and not the other enchanting flowers? 

Because, the redness of its petals is attractively domineering like a young lady who blossoms into a beautiful woman. Its thorns serve as defense against detractors and protection from pain.



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