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Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere... at the malls, in the supermarkets, parks, on the streets and practically in every home. We feel an overflowing joy even through the simplest way of celebrating this special and highly anticipated time of the year.

Corporate offices, either private or government always hold parties before Christmas break. This is the perfect time for top management and employees to bond. It allows colleagues to get to know each other better. It is the best way to reward deserving staffs for a job well done and boost their morale or sense of belonging in the company..

Schools have this tradition as well. Faculty members usually prepare program to be participated by selected students. Every section holds Christmas party in respective classrooms.

What's so very special and exciting about Christmas parties is the exchanging of gifts... termed as Kris Kringle or most popularly known as Monito/Monita.

It's always been our clan's tradition to have a reunion every Christmas Day and one of the occasion's highlights is gift-giving. Every family will be called to distribute their wrapped presents or sealed ampao red envelopes. We also have games and presentations hosted by the member assigned for the year. Exchange gifts will never be out of the program of course.

Mye Domain - Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties- my cousin Ochie and me
My cousin Ochie and me

Mye Domain - Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties- me and my Tita Oyie
Me and my Tita Oyie

My gift went to my cousin, Ochie while her mom, Oyie (my aunt or tita) was the one who got my name. 

The event will never be complete without picture-taking. Just look at this wacky shot and see how we really enjoyed the party.

Mye Domain - Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties - my happy family
My Happy Family



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