Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere... at the malls, in the supermarkets, parks, on the streets and practically in every home. We feel an overflowing joy even through the simplest way of celebrating this special and highly anticipated time of the year.

Corporate offices, either private or government always hold parties before Christmas break. This is the perfect time for top management and employees to bond. It allows colleagues to get to know each other better. It is the best way to reward deserving staffs for a job well done and boost their morale or sense of belonging in the company..

Schools have this tradition as well. Faculty members usually prepare program to be participated by selected students. Every section holds Christmas party in respective classrooms.

What's so very special and exciting about Christmas parties is the exchanging of gifts... termed as Kris Kringle or most popularly known as Monito/Monita.

It's always been our clan's tradition to have a reunion every Christmas Day and one of the occasion's highlights is gift-giving. Every family will be called to distribute their wrapped presents or sealed ampao red envelopes. We also have games and presentations hosted by the member assigned for the year. Exchange gifts will never be out of the program of course.

Mye Domain - Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties- my cousin Ochie and me
My cousin Ochie and me

Lizette Turns 18 - Candles and Toasts

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Candles
Lizette Turns 18 -  18 Candles 

18 candles will be lit up by 18 of the debutante’s closest friends and relatives. Every candle symbolizes a year of her existence.  Each one will be a visible reminder of LIZETTE’s triumph over challenges in life… serves as eternal lamp that brings her optimistic view of the world she’s about to enter and a guiding light that gives her a sense of direction.

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Roses and Their Symbolisms

18 roses will be handed to her by 18 dearest men in LIZETTE’s life. They will dance with her, one after the other with the tune of her most favorite romantic songs.

Now, let’s explore the richness of Rose’s meaning and its lush symbolism.

  1. BALANCE - to remain upright and steady

    Jobi  Bermudez
    - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information Technology student at STI, Concepcion, Marikina. He’s very close to Lizette even though they seldom get a chance to see each other. They can update their status via Facebook. They are often times being mistaken as BF-GF.

  1. FAITH – strong belief on something

    Janjan Bermudez - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information technology student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. They go to the same University but rarely see each other in the campus but when their Tita Alice calls for a get together… it’s bonding time to the max.

  2. HONOR – high respect

    Kiko Bermudez - her youngest brother who is currently in Nursery at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s super excited to dance with her Ate and even practiced a number of times just for this most anticipated moment.

  3. DEVOTION – overwhelming affection

    Kd Bermudez - 3 ½ years younger than our debutant... is in 3rd Year High School at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s a 9Gag enthusiast. Being so telegenic and photogenic as well, he has been dubbed as good-looking guy with a killer smile. (Smile naman jan…)

Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

Every milestone in life is a remarkable event... an occasion to celebrate and be grateful for. Nothing is worthier than appreciating God's blessings and praising Him everyday. Either in joy or sorrow, we close our eyes... kneel down to ask for guidance and utter our intentions.

The most anticipated day has come. November 16, 2013 marked the 18th birthday of my daughter.

As we shared a momentous night in her life, we offered a prayer to ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon us and bowed our heads in God's divine presence.

Opening prayer was delivered by Claire Dave Ellis Magos
Claire Dave Ellis

The opening prayer was delivered by:

Claire Dave Ellis Magos, younger cousin of our debutante, currently in 7th Grade at La Immaculada Concepcion School. Their closeness goes beyond being cousins because Lizette treats her like a baby sister.

Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

"GOD of all creation, worthy of our praise, we are grateful for Your presence in this evening’s celebration of life. We thank You for this opportunity in bringing us together and share a glorious event that marks the 18th birthday of LIZETTE.

Oh Heavenly Father, You are the source of all our strength. May you bestow upon us Your Divine Grace. May You bring forth success in this night’s activities and guide us as we partake in this festive occasion.

Lizette Turns 18 - The Invitation

One of the most significant party essentials is the invitation. When I started to plan for my daughter's debut celebration, my major concern is to have it simple and budget-friendly yet I have to make sure that the event would turn out as elegant and sophisticated as possible. 

So, how did I manage to do both? Well, I just apply the principle of canvassing with the help of online inquiries that provide a wide variety of choices in party needs. I searched the internet and discover some good finds. I have to admit that going from one shop to another never crossed my mind since, it would indeed require much of my time and effort.

I considered taking the services of Hannah's Collection which happens to be an event planner at the same time. They made the alterations for the 2 gowns that my daughter wore during the party and the invitations as well.

We've seen different types of invitations from the most expensive to the simplest ones but my daughter preferred the latter. 

Take a look at her 3-fold Debut Party Invites:

Lizette turns 18 invitation