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Some Age-Related Changes Before Reaching My Golden Year

My first ever reading glasses
My first ever reading glasses

Am I old already? Age is beginning to take over my system. These are the obvious reasons:

Firstly, I have to take one dose of 10mg Amlodipine Besilate for my asymptomatic hypertension...

Secondly, I have to color my hair to cover my increasing strands of grey hair...

Thirdly, I notice that I'm no longer mentally sharp. I easily forget things unlike before when I used to memorize my poems from start to end but now, I can hardly recall my own compositions.

Fourthly, I have to wear a pair of reading glasses now. Since I have vision problems that are congenital in nature as I discussed in this post, I thought my inability to see objects that are near or read small print is another eye defect. Well, it's not a disease but a natural occurrence that affects everyone as we reach certain age, called Presbyopia.

Oh my goodness... gracious!!

I can no longer deny the fact that I'm nearing to join the club of golden girls. Few more years and I'm going to experience hot flashes, night sweats and eventually I have to say goodbye to my monthly period and say hello to menopause. This change will cause a significant drop in my estrogen level and dryness comes next.

Oh my goodness again!!

Lucky me, I still look younger than my actual age but, for those who are wrinkle-prone, they hate to see their faces in the mirror. Some would engage in cosmetic surgery like face-lifting, collagen or stem cell treatment, botox and chemical peel just to look ageless and youthful.

As age adds up, we grow older but we have to keep an optimistic view in life. Every one of us will pass through these phases and changes. It's how we accept reality and how we perceive things that will affect our being, inside-out. We have to wake up every single morning with a big smile on our face.

Dealing with physical change brought about by age depends on each individual's acceptance. Cosmetic treatments and maintenance are costly that only few can afford. But having a happy heart will radiate from within that will give us everlasting beauty.



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