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My Husband's Lover - Their Opinions and Mine

My Husband's Lover - Their Opinions and Mine
Lally, Eric and Vincent

What's the catch?

Is there a magic ingredient that spices up this complicated story of three people trapped in the name of love?

What made this the most talked about prime-time drama television series in the country today?

Premiered June 10, 2013.. "My Husband's Lover" (MHL) undoubtedly captured the hearts of many viewers of any gender. A lot of people can find themselves in the story because it does not only deal with relationship issues like sex and infidelity but also highlights the value of being with the family that accepts who and what you are no matter what.

An intriguing presentation of social realities involving the homosexuals and the gay community. The story is told from the perspective of the wife through an audio narration as the incidents unfold. It explains how did her past greatly affect the present and how will her present change her future.

The Main Characters

Lally Agatep-Soriano 
- portrayed by Carla Abellana, the seemingly perfect wife of Vincent.. simple, intelligent and well-mannered but is capable of doing everything just to save a marriage that is threatened to fall apart. Her battle begins with the discovery of her husband's illicit affair with a gay lover. She's determined to uncover the secrets of the man she used to love and respect... her husband of 10 years who has become a total stranger.

Vincent Soriano
- portrayed by Tom Rodriguez, Lally's loving husband who fathers two children despite being a closeted homosexual. He has no intentions of coming out as gay especially to his parents. The painful truth about his dark secret was laid open to his wife causing them to slowly drift away. His true identity is taking over and he can hardly rescue himself from drowning in deep emotions because of his break up with Eric to gain back his wife's trust.

Eric del Mundo
- portrayed by Dennis Trillo. He is Vincent's first love. An architect, smart and sophisticated. He's being openly gay gives him some kind of freedom but not from his affair with Vincent. He has always been surrounded by an ever affectionate and dependable support system... his mother and his gay best friend. With them around, he can bravely overcome the pain of losing two of his greatest passions... his job and his one true love. With them around... moving on may not be that difficult.

What do they have to say about the series?

The creation of this series ignites several controversies. GMA Network as its official airing station welcomes the scrutiny of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).  The network said and I quote:

We believe that our program while tackling sensitive real-life situations is produced with utmost prudence and in good taste." - source 

Series' creator, Suzette Doctolero explained:"

The show is not all about the queerness of the characters but more of a love story and a family drama."

Series' director, Dominic Zapata stated:

I'm sure a lot of people are gonna say a thing or two about the show. All I really have to say is, this show is a love story. And love is a beautiful thing and it shines through no matter age, no matter race, no matter color, and no matter gender preference. Love is love and no matter what package it comes in, it's still beautiful." 

It garnered praises and positive feedback from netizens including Kapuso fans and other famous celebrities all over the country.

From Mike De Guzman of Rappler qouted:
The people behind “My Husband’s Lover” seemed to have really thought through this show (and its impact/implications). So far it has avoided every cultural sensitivity mishap, managed to balance imparting its “message of equality” with telling a fairly engaging story, and, most important, showed that love exists in its myriad forms.

But still, some people are not pleased with the story and actually find it going against morality.

Vincent & Eric are both epitome of "Sodom & Gomorrah RELIVE!" ... Glorifying the sin of the past, GOD has sent His wrath for people like them. I know many, many homes now left unhappy and broken because of gays like Eric & Vincent in this drama - full of deceit, unfaithfulness to family, and lust!

My Opinion
All of us are entitled to say what our heart and mind dictate but I believe that each of us is created equally in the eyes of GOD. HE gave us the freedom to choose and that same freedom may make or break us.

Homosexuality is a sensitive issue but we have to accept that it exists in our society. Gay people are as normal as the rest of us who deserve to be treated with respect and care.

The story of The Husband's Lover depicts a reality of life, love and relationships. It highlights the truth about how people deal with everyday situations that affect their decisions and choices in life. Love never discriminates... It's a universal feeling that should be shared just like what Eric and Lally have with Vincent. LIFE is simple... it's the people and situations that make it complicated.

I found the drama series indeed timely, relevant and intriguing. GMA Network and the brains behind this phenomenal gay-themed drama series are living up to the expectations of the viewing public. The sensitive story-line is being presented in a conservative yet realistic manner. There's no need for indecent body exposures for intimate scenes... a simple touch of hand or a meaningful eye contact between the casts will keep the viewers totally hooked.

Watching this series makes me realize that we still live in a world of imperfections. We perceive things differently. We easily judge people and despise those who faulted. We never care to understand what others may feel. If only we open our eyes and see through... we can be more humane.


  1. My take... the actors had performed so well, they've taken scenes so real to a level viewers can never doubt.

    as to the genre, yeah, same old story of mistresses and 'kabit' just this time the gender is different. Life is simple indeed, it's our social circumstances really that make it so difficult most of the time. I can't catch this up on TV, hence I follow it on online streams. Great series.

  2. i have not see this since i don't subscribe to filipino channel here ( since i hardly watch tv), but I can see how relevant this is and exposing the pains of reality and the imperfections in our world, indeed, love never discriminates, it always seek to understand, and if only we have that open heart to understand and not judge those who may be different from us such as gays

  3. I am not much into TV shows lately, due to my very hectic schedule especially at night, but true that this GMA show "My husband's lover" is making it's noise in the realm of TV series fanatics. I think this is the first time that a TV series crafted such kind of a story, in my opinion is that because we are cautious not to touch the ego of the affected person. Nevertheless our complex world are starting to accept the once forbidden or i say deprive persona of the homosexuals.

  4. Oh my Im so outdated on Filipino teledrama nowadays. Although I heard this show most of the time. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. It sounds interesting. But I am worried how this will affect to the society. Well, this happens in reality.

  6. This sounds like a very interesting series to watch, I would love to watch it if I could.

  7. i guess this movie somehow related to our new generation now. I mean i am actually stunned that the church allowed this kind of movie to be in philippines which is a catholic and priests/church is very strict hehe

  8. Philippines TV is becoming like western TV. Too liberated...

  9. I've been watching this on TV regularly now. The story is very unique and timely. There are lots of twists and turns happening and that makes this show worth watching. Nauso pati mga bakla..lol

  10. To be honest, gusto ko sanang subaybay ito. since, I find the story plot a little bit sensitive. But, hindi like ni misis. for one reason or another. But my friends have been talking about this series and they are all in one in saying, Ang ganda talaga.

  11. I heard from my friends about them pero I haven't seen one episode of this GMA teleserye yet. The story line seems interesting but it's something I wouldn't enjoy :)

  12. Well said Marie. When it was being promoted (before the first episode aired), I was so intrigued but then, since I was not totally looking forward to it, I forgot about it. Only last week when I was checking my Filipino Channel that I saw it. The episode where Lally finally knew the truth, confronted the friend, met a stranger and shared her hurts ... wow I was impressed. It depicts reality. I have gay friends and I totally love them in all respect. I am watching the show from time to time.

  13. Haven't tried watching this one. And I heard from friends about it too.

  14. Just seen few clips of this controversial tele-novela. And let me just say, it's a pretty brave tv series to show. I have nothing against gay people but I just can't find time to watch it.

  15. it sounds like a good show to watch, interesting story, ha! :)


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