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Merry Month of JUNE Part 1 - Dinner at ABE Restaurant on Father's Day

There are 12 months in the calendar but June seems to be the most celebrated month of the year aside from December which is the most anticipated season... Of course, I'm talking about my family and some circle of relatives and friends who happen to jubilate this merry month of June as well. Belated greetings to all of them.

So, let me start the ball rolling...

At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar
At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar

June 16, Father's Day - We headed for Serendra, BGC, Taguig City for a family dinner. We arrived earlier than the scheduled reservation for some strolling around. 

We had to stop by for some refreshing ice creams for the youngsters and hot coffee for the oldies.

This was the first time after many years that we're almost complete. Everybody's present except for one who is yet to be an official member of the family and is currently based in New York City but was able to join us via face time. Sorry for Maki baby, our pet dog who unfortunately was left home alone...

Nevertheless, it's FAMILY BONDING to the max!! 

These photos just made every moment worthwhile. All smiles for a day full of fun and joyful togetherness.

Picture... picture!

Merry Month of June - Photographs and memories
Photographs and memories

Dinner at ABE on Father's Day
Dinner at ABE on Father's Day

Chicharong Bulaklak and the Sinuteng Baby Squid were absolutely the bestsellers that night but the rest of the foods we've ordered were superbly prepared and presented that made us all bloated.

ABE is an A-lister when it comes to Filipino dishes. 

Abe (ah-beh) is the restaurant dedicated to Larry Cruz's father, the late artist-writer, gourmet and bon vivant E. Aguilar “Abe” Cruz. The restaurant serves traditional Filipino food, mostly of Capampangan origin, and gourmet dishes inspired by Abe’s travels around the world. At Abe, food is prepared and served with a great deal of love while its concept and design provide the ideal setting for friends and family who wish to dine comfortably and have a good time.

These are some of the dishes that truly satisfied our taste buds. Aside from these mouth-watering foods that we enjoyed, we were so delighted with the kind of service they have at Abe. The servers are so friendly, attentive and accommodating, in the true sense of the words.

You can check out their menu here.

I can guarantee you that dining at ABE is one good experience with good food and good staff.


  1. I am salivating now looking at your pictures.

  2. It's great when family gets together on special occason and with yummy foods like those, I am drooling lol.

  3. We love Abe! We always drop by during our birthday month! We always get 50% off treat on our bill. We have their LJC cc. :)


  4. I can see that you all truly enjoyed that day. And I say, all the foods are so inviting.

  5. Perhaps I have to visit din Abe. sis indeed you've spent a day full of fun and joyful togetherness.

  6. Awww. Your June was very merry, indeed!

    Mine was so intense. :3

  7. Those food are really tickle my taste buds.


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