Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekend From Buon Giorno to Icebergs

We're nearing the last days of July of 2013 but I still can't get over with June because of the special days it offered to the whole family. The first part was an awesome family bonding. You can read the whole story here and the second peg of celebration was a simple yet significant day for our bundle of joy... Check this out.

The eating never stopped until our bellies get loaded so, I'm pretty sure you have an idea about the title of this post.

Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekends - Buon Giorno's main entrance
Buon Giorno's main entrance
June 23, My PYE's BIG Day - Remembering our loved ones on their birthdays has been a tradition to many Filipinos. We may have grand celebrations or just a simple greeting will do.

Since my husband's special day was on a Sunday, we had a lunch at Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro at the Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas, Pasig City ( beside The Medical City).

I think we were one of the first customers to come in at around 10 in the morning that day. By the way, thanks to my brother for dropping us there.

Buon Giorno is an Italian word that means "Good Morning" so the resto name itself is very inviting. 

My daughter and I just took our breakfast a little less than an hour so we still have to get our appetite back but when we laid eyes on that tender and flavorful marbled Rib Eye Steak (P598), meaty and tender pork Baby Back Ribs (P598) complimented with their special barbecue sauce, both with side dishes of mixed vegies and sliced potatoes... we just have to take a bite, NO... lots of bites. OMG!

HIV and AIDS - If you have these, would you mind coming out?

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When we talk about this dreaded illness, first thing that comes to our mind is DEATH. Like the big "C", when someone is inflicted with HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, victims considered it a hopeless case and knowing the fact that there's still no cure, only maintenance medications that fight the virus.. makes it even more frightening... seemingly, there's no LIFE after AIDS.

HIV and AIDS are related terms but not the same thing:

HIV is the virus that attacks and weakens the immune system but can be controlled and managed. The virus is found in blood and sexual fluids that can be transmitted through unprotected sex encounters, sharing hypodermic needles and an infected mother to her unborn child.

AIDS is a condition developed when the body has been weakened by HIV. It's the final stage of infection. Today, this incurable illness is no longer considered a death sentence rather, a chronic manageable condition. The infected person becomes more vulnerable to common sickness. Modern treatment and healthy lifestyles can prolong the person's life.

Merry Month of June Part 2 - A Playdate and A Cake

Merry Month of June Part 2 - A Belly-Overload Weekend - Kiko's 4th birthday photos
Kiko's 4th Birthday photos

It's been a Filipino tradition to have pancit (birthday noodles) or spaghetti included in the menu served during birthdays because according to old folks, these long noodles symbolize long life and good health.

Since we are three celebrators of June... we have three separate birthday feasts. The first one was on:

June 20, Kiko's 4th Birthday - My husband and I fetched him from school. We had lunch at Jollibee with his classmate since Pre-nursery, Ashlyn along with her Mama Rose.

After eating their fave Jollibee foods - french fries with catsup and chickenjoy with rice for Kiko, rice mixed with gravy for Ashlyn... they played together for the first time and just enjoyed the small kids' playground. They would slide down a couple of times... go back and forth to the tube and small cubicles.

We could see the overwhelming joy in their faces. I super like the top photo showing these two playdates holding hands together. So CUTE! So NAIVE!

Not to forget, we bought a small cake for him and had it written a personal message. I thought, it would not fit the space but the staff was an expert that even our names were perfectly piped on the cake.

Razon's Pancit Luglug and their special halo-halo graced the ocassion. I also ordered one bilao of Bihon from my cousin's panciteria There was no party... I just shared these foods to family and close neighbors.

Blowing his birthday cake was more than enough for my toddler. It really made his special day.

First part of this post here.

Merry Month of JUNE Part 1 - Dinner at ABE Restaurant on Father's Day

There are 12 months in the calendar but June seems to be the most celebrated month of the year aside from December which is the most anticipated season... Of course, I'm talking about my family and some circle of relatives and friends who happen to jubilate this merry month of June as well. Belated greetings to all of them.

So, let me start the ball rolling...

At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar
At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar

June 16, Father's Day - We headed for Serendra, BGC, Taguig City for a family dinner. We arrived earlier than the scheduled reservation for some strolling around. 

We had to stop by for some refreshing ice creams for the youngsters and hot coffee for the oldies.

This was the first time after many years that we're almost complete. Everybody's present except for one who is yet to be an official member of the family and is currently based in New York City but was able to join us via face time. Sorry for Maki baby, our pet dog who unfortunately was left home alone...

Nevertheless, it's FAMILY BONDING to the max!! 

These photos just made every moment worthwhile. All smiles for a day full of fun and joyful togetherness.