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The Shadow Chasers

These photographs were captured during my siblings' trip to Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, in San Juan , La Union, Philippines last April 20, 2013. See how the magnificent beauty of the beach played with the setting of the sun.

Sharing these awesome shots taken by the shadow chasers...

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / reaching out my dreams freely
Reaching out my dreams freely

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / almost circling the sunset
Almost circling the sunset

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / almost circling the sunset
Alone under the yellow sky

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / catching up with my fate... open arms
Catching up with my fate... open arms

Every photograph depicts something about life... how it is being traveled... how it is being put to the test. But memories will somehow live through every image caught by the lens and will linger as long as it is seen by our eyes.


  1. It's really more fun in the philippines just like in La Union. I really wanted to go there.


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