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Ser Chief and Maya... Now Blooming Romantically in Be Careful With My Heart

Ser Chief and Maya... Now Blooming Romantically in Be Careful With My Heart
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I am going crazy over this noon-time teleserye (TV series) and who would not? Well, maybe those who never care to watch fairy tale stories like straight macho men and women in high society...

Some would say it's "corny" (uncool) but whatever comments, either GOOD or BAD... I don't really care because, I know I'm not alone in this KILIG MUCH moment with Ser Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Santa Maria).

Now, taking their relationship to the next level makes it more exciting to watch everyday but I prefer seeing the full episode in iWantv, because there's no commercial interruption and I want to savor every detail of their blooming SLOW but SURE romance.

April 15 episode

Due to the program's popularity and public demand, it's being extended for another six months and unfortunately scheduled its finale this December 2013.


Might as well, enjoy while it lasts.


  1. I can truly relate. I didn't know that much about this teleserye until my big brother told me about it. he seldom appreciates shows like this but this time he did so i started watching it last week. googling for sites that has episodes and being patient on the ads. i tried registering in iwantv unfortunately my country isn't covered. imagine me watching from the 1st episode up to date sacrificing my earnings on my blogs (not updating). haha! kakakilig really. i think i'm already in love with ser chief!! hahaha!


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