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Kurt Dariel, My Second Child

KD, my second child
KD, my second child
Harder than a Diamond
Like most couples, my husband and I went through some conflicts in our early years of marriage. There were times that resolving our differences were far from happening because of immaturity and selfish behavior.

Being the eldest in my family and he, being the youngest made us clash at some point. I could hardly adjust to the nature of his job and living up to each others expectations seemed to contribute a lot of pressure. But we somehow survived these difficulties because we both had a common goal of making our marriage work.

We had our civil wedding in January 18 of 1995 and decided to renew our vows after 3 1/2 years with a simple church matrimony... so simple that no entourage was needed to grace the ceremony. It's important for both of us to be joined together and blessed by the holy sacrament of marriage witnessed by our closest family and friends.

That was July 18, 1998 and that occasion strengthened our relationship and commitment with each other. The problems we encountered brought us closer and made us better persons. There will be more struggles... more challenges along the way but we have to face life together as we promised. And as part of this long journey to live life on our own, we decided to move out and started living independently.

Self-test result, July 1998
Self-test result, July 1998
Perfect Moment
Our church wedding was blessed with a gift... For the second time around, I was expecting another baby. What a good sign!!! Another reason God has given us to put our marriage in the right perspective. Having another child in the family would surely create an environment much more enjoyable and exciting. The thought of giving birth again made me realized that I possessed one of the greatest blessings I could ever had. The gift of being a mother once again.

More Precious than Gold
There is a single intrauterine fetus in cephalic presentation at the time of examination. The bi parietal diameter and femoral length measure 8.3 cm. and 6.5 cm., respectively. Good cardiac pulsations and vigorous fetal movements are note. The placenta is anterior in implantation and shows grade 2 maturity. There is no evidence of placenta previa. The amount of amniotic fluid is above normal with a four quadrant amniotic fluid index of 26.3 cm.

A single intrauterine fetus in cephalic presentation at the time of examination
A single intrauterine fetus in cephalic presentation at the time of examination

The Moment of Truth
I gave birth at 5:40 in the afternoon on April 11, 1999 at Sacred Heart Hospital all the way from Malolos, Bulacan. I couldn't believe it's a boy. It's worth the wait. I named him Kurt Dariel. Having him as additional precious "gem" brought us overwhelming happiness.

Kurt Dariel  A.K.A. KD
Kurt Dariel  A.K.A. KD

He's the second child I bore
And it made my life complete.
Surely there's a lot more in store
For  this little boy to meet.
When his eyes gazed upon me
I felt gladness in my heart.
His innocent smile, I love to see
Never will I allow us to be apart.

As I cuddled him close to my chest
I sensed the warmth of his embrace.
As he closed his eyes and took a rest
I laid him down on the safest place.

I will shelter him with my love
Keep him from any harm.
Hold him gently like a dove
Shield him with my caring arms.

Wherever path he may go
I will guide him in any way.
In every joy and every sorrow
I will comfort him day by day.



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