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Comments are Valuable... Don't Just Say Anything, Say Something

I was busy with my laundry yesterday so I had to leave my online tasks for a while. But thanks to my hubby for giving me a mobile phone smart enough (actually, it's the most techie phone I've ever had so far) to let me peep on my FB account, read some emails and check out my two blogs.

I must admit, comments particularly posted on my blogs are very important because, they somehow motivate me to write more quality contents, cool articles and beautiful poetry. Aside from being acquainted with other people and absorbing their kind and sometimes critical words, I learn something from my readers as well.

Although, I don't rely on comments alone to boost traffic, I still want to read some interesting remarks. This is how I can connect to my followers. What they have to say. really matter...

But I, noticed that some of the comments are irrelevant to the content. I really don't mind if they religiously read the whole post or just looked at the photos... My question is: How did they manage to leave a comment without any sense at all? I think, they just read the title, scan the content and make it the basis for their reactions.

I'm just wondering....


  1. Well, things like this happens. Let's just hope that they did this because they're truly busy. Otherwise, it's totally unfair to others, and defeat the purpose of blogging.

  2. That's funny, sometimes I start reading and then lose interest but want to leave a comment only to realize I stated something wrong....


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