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Age Gaps Between Siblings

My three kids ages 17, 13 and 3 (based on their last birthdays)
My three children ages 17, 13 and 3 (based on their last birthdays)
With three growing children in the house ages - seventeen, thirteen and three... life is not a piece of cake. Each of them holds a different personality and mood. They may have some traits in common like being playful and naive but their age gaps never put me and my husband in a tight spot.

My eldest is 4 years older than my second while my youngest has a 10-year age difference with his kuya (older brother)... quite a big difference.

Although their age intervals are considered ideal in the concept of family planning... I make sure that their individual needs and interests are being attended fairly to avoid conflicts.

I always teach them the value of respect... that, it is not forcibly given but instinctively earned... that, if they know how to respect others, they will be respected in return- the golden rule.

Research shows that sibling rivalry tends to be at its strongest when the age gap between children is around two years, which has much to do with child development issues.

At the age of two children become frustrated easily when they cannot control their environment. This means they are more prone to tantrums and jealousy. What works favorably is that the age gap is not too large - so as older kids will start to play together and enjoy being with each other.

After three years, the chances of sibling rivalry lessen.  This gap is good for the eldest child's self esteem, also for security and independence. 

I must agree with experts saying that:

If you create a home where there's enough time, energy, and affection for everyone, kids' age difference won't really matter.

So far, the only problem I'm challenged now is raising my toddler who seems to be overwhelmed with all the attentions his getting from us. I don't consider him spoiled with material things because I just want him to enjoy playing with the toys that he wants. I think, he's just overly pleased with the love and care that we give him.



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