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Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 1

LAS FAROLAS or lighthouses in English was opened to public last April 24, 2013. An oceanarium, first of its kind in the world, that showcases different freshwater fishes, located at Frontera Verde, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines. It is a man-made haven intended to preserve and protect aquatic resources that are being threatened by extinction because of climate change or global warming and technology advancement in economy and industry leading to the destruction of their natural habitat.

When Kids Suffer From UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Kids are prone to infections due to environmental factors, hygiene, activities such as playing and more often food intake.

Their immune systems are yet to mature. They are not exposed to as many bacteria and virus so they don't develop the antibodies that will fight those microorganisms. Although they have natural anti-bodies which are received through the placenta when they were born, they may acquire illness any time.

"When a baby is born, it has certain antibody-like proteins called immunoglobulins, which it has received through the placenta. Another very important one is received from its mother after it is born.
This immunoglobulin is called IgA and is present in the colostrum, the first part of mother's milk. It places itself on the mucus membranes of the baby's alimentary canal in order to help fight the bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis.
Babies do not start to produce their own IgA until around 6 months of age. By their first birthday they have between 15…

Ser Chief and Maya... Now Blooming Romantically in Be Careful With My Heart

I am going crazy over this noon-time teleserye (TV series) and who would not? Well, maybe those who never care to watch fairy tale stories like straight macho men and women in high society...

Some would say it's "corny" (uncool) but whatever comments, either GOOD or BAD... I don't really care because, I know I'm not alone in this KILIG MUCH moment with Ser Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Santa Maria).

Now, taking their relationship to the next level makes it more exciting to watch everyday but I prefer seeing the full episode in iWantv, because there's no commercial interruption and I want to savor every detail of their blooming SLOW but SURE romance.

Kurt Dariel, My Second Child

Harder than a Diamond
Like most couples, my husband and I went through some conflicts in our early years of marriage. There were times that resolving our differences were far from happening because of immaturity and selfish behavior.

Being the eldest in my family and he, being the youngest made us clash at some point. I could hardly adjust to the nature of his job and living up to each others expectations seemed to contribute a lot of pressure. But we somehow survived these difficulties because we both had a common goal of making our marriage work.

We had our civil wedding in January 18 of 1995 and decided to renew our vows after 3 1/2 years with a simple church matrimony... so simple that no entourage was needed to grace the ceremony. It's important for both of us to be joined together and blessed by the holy sacrament of marriage witnessed by our closest family and friends.

Age Gaps Between Siblings

With three growing children in the house ages - seventeen, thirteen and three... life is not a piece of cake. Each of them holds a different personality and mood. They may have some traits in common like being playful and naive but their age gaps never put me and my husband in a tight spot.

My eldest is 4 years older than my second while my youngest has a 10-year age difference with his kuya (older brother)... quite a big difference.

Although their age intervals are considered ideal in the concept of family planning... I make sure that their individual needs and interests are being attended fairly to avoid conflicts.

I always teach them the value of respect... that, it is not forcibly given but instinctively earned... that, if they know how to respect others, they will be respected in return- the golden rule.

Research shows that sibling rivalry tends to be at its strongest when the age gap between children is around two years, which has much to do with child development issues.

A Mother's Story... A Painful Struggle

Maundy Thursday 9PM MYE's Viewing Time on the SCREEN... a heartwarming movie
A Mother's Story
STARRING Pokwang as Remedios "Medy" Santos Xyriel Manabat as Queenie Santos Rayver Cruz as King Santos Nonie Buencamino as Gerry Santos Beth Tamayo as Helen Ana Capri as Celia Jaime Fabregas as Edgar Aaron Junatas as Young King K Brosas as Neneng Daria Ramirez as Choleng Caitlin Cummings as Cherry
SYNOPSIS Medy portrayed by Pokwang, is a makeup artist of a popular concert star, who later on chose her as a personal make-up artist in a concert tour in the United States for a week. She's a mother of two- a son, (Aaron Junatas, and later, Rayver Cruz), and an infant daughter with a jobless husband, (Noni Buencamino).

Comments are Valuable... Don't Just Say Anything, Say Something

I was busy with my laundry yesterday so I had to leave my online tasks for a while. But thanks to my hubby for giving me a mobile phone smart enough (actually, it's the most techie phone I've ever had so far) to let me peep on my FB account, read some emails and check out my two blogs.
I must admit, comments particularly posted on my blogs are very important because, they somehow motivate me to write more quality contents, cool articles and beautiful poetry. Aside from being acquainted with other people and absorbing their kind and sometimes critical words, I learn something from my readers as well.