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VIRUS... VIRUS... Go Away


One of the common viral illnesses nowadays is URTI or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. My hubby started it all and I was afraid that all of us might catch these disease-causing organisms and it worried me.

But days after, my daughter and youngest son begun to show signs and eventually infected by the same virus. They suffered from high fever so, my husband and I decided to bring them to the clinic and have them checked. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and advised them to have at least 4-day complete rest.  They skipped school for almost a week. I just hope my second son will  not be affected  but I am now experiencing the same symptoms.

Oh my goodness!!!

Coughing here... sneezing there... virus is everywhere!

I cannot afford to get sick... My immune system should work out for me. I cannot afford to lay in bed and be idle for days.

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What is actually URTI?
According to MedicineNet.com, the upper respiratory tract includes the sinuses, nasal passages, pharynx, and larynx. These structures direct the air we breath from the outside to the trachea and eventually to the lungs for respiration to take place.

Infection of the specific areas of the upper respiratory tract can be named specifically. Examples of these may include rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity), sinus infection (sinusitis or rhinosinusitis) - inflammation of the sinuses located around the nose, common cold (nasopharyngitis) - inflammation of the nares, pharynx, hypopharynx, uvula, and tonsils, pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx, uvula, and tonsils), epiglottitis (inflammation of the upper portion of the larynx or the epiglottis), laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx), laryngotracheitis (inflammation of the larynx and the trachea), and tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea).

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Upper respiratory infections are one of the most frequent causes of doctors visits with varying symptoms ranging from runny nose, sore throat, cough, to breathing difficulty, and lethargy. In the United States, upper respiratory infections are the most common illness leading to missing school or work.

CONTAGIOUS as it is... the virus may spread so, we have to be responsible enough not to affect other people. We should isolate ourselves for a while.

Actually, I have a slight fever now... 

Aaaaaaaaaa... CHOOOOO!!!


  1. For those viruses I think water is the best remedy so keep yourself always hydrated :)

  2. How are you sis? My eldest daughter and I have asthmatic condition. And this symptom you have there is a sign that we're going to have asthma attack too.

  3. The Upper Respiratory Tract Infection can really make one weak and low on energy.

  4. nice information. in my family its like barely if can we can have sickness like this, I dont know why. for years now as far as I can rememver no one get sick to my family and I am happy with that. though for my self I cannot drink cold water at night or eat sweets coz for sure in the morning I'll be sick! Its weird but true hihi get well soon! xx

  5. Important health info here. whenever one gets this virus in the family. I see to eat na we isolate him/her at once. Para di na makahawa.

  6. That's the thing on either summer or rainy season, we all get colds! Which is why i really suggest to not only take vitamins but make sure to take care of ourselves too.

  7. i guess sa panahon ngayon we should pay attention to this matter. .ang dami nanamang klasing viruses na kumakalat lalo na sa ibang bansa. .

  8. Get well... drink medicine and a lot of water...

  9. Infections like the URTI must be really prevented from being transferred to other people. Get well soon :)

  10. With erratic weather and pollution, colds and infections are common.

  11. first time to hear about this.. it's really important to live a healthy lifestyle so our immune system would go up.. :)


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