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Tiendesitas' PETS for Sale

TIendesitas' PETS for Sale 1

They are innocently waiting
for someone to come and take them.
They are patiently staying
inside their temporary shelter.
They seem to be aloof
to a stranger's touch...
until they are being handed over 
to their respective commanders.

TIendesitas' PETS for Sale 2

I captured these snapshots
some time ago...
I was quite sympathetic
and emotionally affected.
For I once had my 
who's now in heaven...
They also reminded me of the 
story of an Akita dog named

hachiko, the most loyal dog

who patiently waited
for his master's return until his death
ended up years of expecting.

I came to love these cuddly beings
that can be the most faithful


a human can have.

TIendesitas' PETS for Sale 3


  1. What breeds ng dogs po ang availble? Do you have a german shepherd,syberian husky and toy poddle? If have! pls. Inform me on my blog


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