The Almighty GOD

mye domain's photo, the almighty GOD

We have our mind to acquire 
and share knowledge
We can only discover, invent, innovate
We can only utilize resources available... 
tangible or not
We can only do our best...
our abilities have limitations
We can survive if we have determination
We can fail if we 
don't believe in our own strength
We can make something 
out of nothing
But we can never 

of the 




  1. Thanks for this posts...I'm deeply touched. i believe also in God, and all our hard work in striving for life will be resolved with his guidance..Just always keep the faith on him...

  2. Wow, I must say you can really compose a quality poem. Amen to that!

  3. This is true in all levels. We can only do so much. But God is still in control of those that are beyond us.

  4. That's true, no matter how high we get, there's always a more powerful being that is why we should not be blinded by power, material wealth and others since to Him this would not matter.

  5. A very inspiring poem/ prayer. God bless to you and may it inspire others to have a stronger faith.

  6. I was inspired by your simple poem. God is our refuge and strength so we must always cling to Him at all cost.

  7. So true. No one can ever fathom God's infinite wisdom. We only see the smaller picture, but God could see way beyond. Thus, it is only wise to let go of the worries and just trust.

  8. I've always believed in a higher being, whatever you want to call it. I personally call mine BFF. I think there's only God with different names, hopefully, most religions would realize this before they start going into wars just because of this.

  9. Nothing compares with the power of our lord and also He can bring us to salvation. :)

  10. I do believe there is a supreme creator of things here on Earth. However, I don't think any religion captures the true essence of God. If that is the case, then we will have only one faith.

  11. Indeed we can be anyone and everything in this world except our God Almighty! We can reap all the riches on the land but never the richness of the heaven unless we obey the deeds of the Lord

  12. God is beyond physical limitations, time and numerical figures. HE is the power that we unknowingly await and expect during our most desperate moments in life.

  13. This is really powerful advice: "We can fail if we don't believe in our own strength". I advocate the mantra "simply believe" because of this!

  14. God is the only way. Let us reflect and Thank God for all the blessings we have.

  15. Wonderful tribute to our God. By God's grace and our obedience, we can achieve perfection and be like Him.

  16. Bless you for this nice poem. Keep on weaving!

  17. Thanks for the poem. HE is the most intelligent ONE indeed.

  18. That is absolutely true, no one else on this planet, universe wherever it is can be powerful than him alone. .


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