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MyeDomain.info Is Now on Track

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The last few days of February had been terrible due to my family's battle with contagious URTI (upper respiratory tract infection). We were all sick and the least that I can do ONLINE is to LIKE and SURF.

When I felt a bit OK... I got the chance to update some of my online tasks and was able to successfully transfered my GoDaddy domain to my blogspot site, 8 March 2013, after having tried a number of times... It was a TRIAL and ERROR, because I have no idea about how it's done like the technicalities... fortunately, all my hard works paid off by the kind help of google of course.

The GOOD news is, now I have already set up my own site: www.myedomain.info previously www.arimaraykd.blogspot.com and the BAD NEWS is... all the likes and sharing buttons get back to ZERO...The figures are GONE.

OMG !!!

But it's OK. I was able to save a screenshot of my site and how I ranked.

screenshot of arimaraykd.blogspot.com



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