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Another Glimpse of Coron with Awesome Captures

These are some of the magnificent snapshots captured by awesomedanlourd in the majestic island of Coron in Palawan. I was so amazed by these shots so, I decided to share them with my readers.

Although I have never tried exploring the place yet (but I know someday, I will)... I've almost completely embraced its beauty just by looking at these photographs.

What a captivating natural attraction Coron, Palawan truly is!!!

The Other Side of the Fence by awesomedanlourd
The Other Side of the Fence

An Island Nearby by awesomedanlourd
An Island Nearby

Green Wall of Rocks

Tree on the Lookout by awesomedanlourd
Tree on the Lookout

When Darkness Reigns by awesomedanlourd
When Darkness Reigns


  1. awesome photos of one of the best places I've been to this year, what camera do you use?

  2. I've been to Coron once and it just does not cease to amaze me how one town can be so rich in marine and natural attractions.

  3. Iba talaga ang ganda ng Coron at ng buong palawan- truly amazing! The sunset photos is beautiful and magical

  4. This is one of the places in my lists to visit. My appetite to be there soon becomes stronger because of your photos.

  5. Awesome captures indeed. I am drooling now to visit Palawan again and this time it should be Coron!!!

  6. Coron is really beautiful ... a paradise that everyone must see and put in their bucket list. Great capture

  7. The Green Wall of Rocks are really beautiful. It looks like a fairy tale land or something.

  8. Awesome! This is part of my travel bucket list. Watch out, Coron! :)

  9. awesome photos! great job with this!I hope I can capture aomething like this in the future! I love to be in coron! xx

  10. Where exactly this photos been taken? kaka mangha naman nito. ..

  11. Coron! Ang ganda mo. Fascinating photos.

  12. Another amazing place to visit in the Philippines. The view of the nearby island is really amazing!

  13. Wow! Coron, Palawan is a paradise! Wonderful shots here..

  14. Really gorgeous photos! Coron is one of my favorite destinations. :)

  15. breathtaking views from the amazing photos you've capture! Hooray! :)

  16. Kainggit naman... :( Di kami nakapunta ng Coron ng una kaming nag Palawan. Hope coron na next time.:) BTW ganda ng mga pics.:)

  17. the vantage shot, I think was shot along the slopes of Mt Tapyas..
    Oh! I miss that place, and Coron, Busuanga.
    Coron is an entirely different and awesome experience that 5 wish to do so again and again and again.

  18. Coron is one of the crown jewels of Palawan and you have beautifully captured the views!


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