The Passion of CHRIST... Remembered

JESUS with his Crown of Thorns
JESUS with his Crown of Thorns (Source)

Many believed but others dare not
that this one man named JESUS
had died in the crucifix,

The story was told and Christians were born
to spread the gospel
that GOD sent His only son
to redeem the world.

Two thousand years had passed
his death is never forgotten.
The Passion of Christ
still brings varied interpretations.

There's No Place Like HOME... Nobody Can Make Us Happy Other Than Our FAMILY

My hubby at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon
My hubby at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

These wheels can take me
to a wondrous place on Earth
But there's no other spot
that will ever thrill me...
like my


where everything is just
breathtaking and mind-blowing! Is Now on Track logo

The last few days of February had been terrible due to my family's battle with contagious URTI (upper respiratory tract infection). We were all sick and the least that I can do ONLINE is to LIKE and SURF.

When I felt a bit OK... I got the chance to update some of my online tasks and was able to successfully transfered my GoDaddy domain to my blogspot site, 8 March 2013, after having tried a number of times... It was a TRIAL and ERROR, because I have no idea about how it's done like the technicalities... fortunately, all my hard works paid off by the kind help of google of course.

Kids of Today

Kids of today-techie toddler

Technology gives way to a different level of stimulating children's awareness to new and exciting electronic games. Certainly, Internet provides them with useful tools to learn valuable educational skills in just one click of a mouse. But then, such quick access on collective knowledge made available in the Internet, somehow creates anxiety amongst children who always want something different ... something new. They expect more.

PROM Nights Are Here Again

Prom Night is the most awaited date in a teen-ager's calendar and sad to say yours truly, had never experienced such a momentous event in my high school life but my daughter did.

February 26 of last year, Lizette had their Senior Prom Night at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. She wore a one shoulder strap jade-green colored gown beaded on the waist. Simple and inexpensive but the dress perfectly fitted an equally simple yet charming young lady.

Her anticipation might not that high but I was sure then that she looked forward to this night because it's her first time to attend a formal event like this and she would be partying with her closest friends and classmates. This was indeed a night to remember.

Her hair and make up done
Her hair and make up done

Another Glimpse of Coron with Awesome Captures

These are some of the magnificent snapshots captured by awesomedanlourd in the majestic island of Coron in Palawan. I was so amazed by these shots so, I decided to share them with my readers.

Although I have never tried exploring the place yet (but I know someday, I will)... I've almost completely embraced its beauty just by looking at these photographs.

What a captivating natural attraction Coron, Palawan truly is!!!

The Other Side of the Fence by awesomedanlourd
The Other Side of the Fence

VIRUS... VIRUS... Go Away


One of the common viral illnesses nowadays is URTI or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. My hubby started it all and I was afraid that all of us might catch these disease-causing organisms and it worried me.

But days after, my daughter and youngest son begun to show signs and eventually infected by the same virus. They suffered from high fever so, my husband and I decided to bring them to the clinic and have them checked. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and advised them to have at least 4-day complete rest.  They skipped school for almost a week. I just hope my second son will  not be affected  but I am now experiencing the same symptoms.

The Almighty GOD

mye domain's photo, the almighty GOD

We have our mind to acquire 
and share knowledge
We can only discover, invent, innovate
We can only utilize resources available... 
tangible or not
We can only do our best...
our abilities have limitations

Tiendesitas' PETS for Sale

TIendesitas' PETS for Sale 1

They are innocently waiting
for someone to come and take them.
They are patiently staying
inside their temporary shelter.
They seem to be aloof
to a stranger's touch...
until they are being handed over 
to their respective commanders.