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Where Do You Want to GO?

Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

What do you think this kid wants to do?
Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

In LIFE...
Sometimes, it's really difficult to choose 
which PATH to take
when we are left with no other choice...
Which way should we go?
Right or left... straight or crooked?
It's never easy to live
a life that is flawless and untainted.
But we have to follow rules and norms.
We may take the opposite direction
We may enter the
 less traveled road...
or we may climb as high as cloud nine
Happiness doesn't mean success...
and success doesn't mean contentment.
where do you want to GO??
decide now before it's too late.


  1. I asked myself about that as well, hindi q rin masagot...the only answer I could think of is, "Go back"


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