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Where Do You Get Your Mineral or Purified Drinking Water?

Mineral water from a reputable refilling station
Contaminated water from a reputable refilling station

Decades before, households used to get drinking water only from the faucet but the water produced by the traditional water supply systems holds impurities so the demand for water refilling stations that provide distilled and purified water is relatively high nowadays.

Another source for clean and safe drinking water are water purifiers or filters but the price is quite expensive. For this reason, private entrepreneurs offer cheaper and more convenient alternative for public consumption. Bottled water from refilling stations are now a household necessity.

There are thousands of water stores situated and established nationwide but the need for a reliable and safe drinking water is one major consideration.

For my family's health sake, my husband and I decided to get our drinking water in one of the leading brands in drinking water industry. There's no doubt that the quality of their crystal clear water will do no harm in our health knowing they are the undisputed leader in water treatment.

We believe in the brand so, we've been ordering from them ever since. But 3 days ago, I almost make an incident report involving one refill container with unpleasant odor. Thursday night, February 7, I happened to smell one of our water bottles and upon sniffing a seemingly rotten odor, I immediately asked my daughter to empty the rest of the bottles in our refrigerator. 

I called the station the following day and reported the incident. Good thing there's nothing bad happen to us like having stomach pains or diarrhea. Thank God, I was able to detect it before we fully consumed the contaminated water. I was so concerned about my kids.

The owner of that particular franchise water store deeply apologized and I accepted it without a formal complaint like I should have done for my family's health protection. I believe she was in good faith in saying that they might have gotten that contaminated container from other customers. She also mentioned that some would use the containers in making juices. The returned containers will be sanitized for a couple of days just to remove the juice residue. She assured me that this incident will never happen again.

So from then on, I smell the water inside the container before consuming it.


  1. Just because one gets water at a refilling station doesn't mean that it is safe at all times. Good thing you were able to discover the rotten smell before anything bad happened.

  2. Ever since we go mineral water, We buy them sa isang water station owned by a church mate. Mas sure ako na clean yun.

  3. I think we really have to check the sanitation standards of distillers as this would be critical for our health.

  4. in singapore everyone just their water in a drinking founatin you can see around our condo which is proven clean. but since we moved here in KL water is never a trusted thing here so we ask for the condo to supply us mineral water as well weekly and just pay them hehe xx

  5. yes, we really need to be aware and conscious . Sometimes our mineral water has residue on them.

  6. I suddenly remembered and missed drinking tap water straight from the faucet when I was living in Singapore. In Manila, we all have to buy mineral water or have a filtering equipment. When will be the time when we can get instant clean water from the faucet?

  7. Yeah.. the smell makes a difference.. if it smells weird, something is wrong with it.. better be careful.. :)

  8. Yeah.. the smell makes a difference.. if it smells weird, something is wrong with it.. better be careful.. :)

  9. Interesting story. We usually order water in those bottles as well. Gotta make sure they don't smell funny as well. :)

  10. Oh, that is bad for their business. I might change my water station if that happens to me. Good thing you did not have diarrhea for contaminated water.

  11. This is very alarming! Good thing you noticed it right away.
    I will do the "sniffing" thing every time I buy mineral water. Thanks for the tip! =)

  12. they should not be using their container for different purpose to avoud these unfortunate incident. glad our water from the faucet is still clean in our city. Yahweh bless.


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