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True Friends are Hard to Find and Will Never Leave You No Matter What

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An overused statement involving relationship with friends and acquaintances either new or old. We live in a society where we meet people everyday. Somehow, we touch their lives or they touch ours. Some of whom  may become our close friends yet there are few who simply say "HI" and say "GOOD BYE" after a while.

I believe that for a friend to be considered REAL are those who never leave us in times of difficulties especially when we are troubled with problems... financially or emotionally.   We tend to appreciate the friendship more if they are willing to share their presence and care to listen... just be there to listen.

Trust is earned not given. This same trust will strengthen the relationship. It grows through the years of unselfishly offering a part of one self  for the happiness of others.

When is friendship being tested? This is a question of what goes wrong... or who faltered. Once a glass is broken, it cannot be fixed. There's a mark of betrayal and dishonesty.

Well, friends come and go and we've witnessed a lot of strong friendships that fall apart in real life... may it be our own experience... in our neighborhood, in politics and in showbiz like what happened to the controversial friends, KIM CHIU and MAJA SALVADOR over GERALD ANDERSON.

This is their story according to Push.com.ph.

The issue of the rumored romance between Gerald and Maja is not the issue here because they are both single and available, what's wrong in this triangle is the TRUST that's been deceived.


  1. I was sad when I heard this story, Maja should not make a wrong move because Gerald is known for being humanizer and her friendship with Kim will not be the same anymore.

  2. I think commented here already before but anyways hihi =) it is indeed that true or real friends are very hard to find. that's why I make sure that those real frends of mine are receiving just a simple greetings and how r you's everyday! xxx

  3. we live in a world with full of surprises. before when i watch Gossip girl, i thought that the happenings (betrayals) out there are absurd, but as i grew up, ive realized that it can really happen.

  4. friends indeed is hard to find... so let's keep in mind that we are all just human beings, prone to commit mistakes. but i guess, forgiveness is also hard to give. Yahweh bless.

  5. Trust is something that needs to be taken cared of cause once it's breached, things won't be the same again.

  6. The colorful world of showbizness changes every time camera and no camera rolls. let's hope for the best of these two ladies

  7. oh the intricacies of showbiz! but you have a big point here... that's why we love our old old friends!

  8. I think we all go through a small spat with friends now and then - because of a guy lol....but yes we overcome those because the friendship we have developed with our girlfriends is usually stronger.

  9. If you have a very good foundation, friends will surpass all trials and you don't let a man ruin a great friendship.

  10. The strongest friendships do get tested and it is up to friends to determine how they can pass it.

  11. Celebrity or not these situations does happens. It takes a lot of time, testing, separations and effort to determine the genuineness of one's friendship. One thing that helped me is a philosophy of "more acceptance and less expectations" . . . . it doesn't always work but estranged friends always wanted to come back and try to work it out again.

  12. True friends are hard to find and when you find one..you know it and it does not matter that friend is there for you through thick and thin :-)

  13. The saddest part is when your friend betrays your trust, they say time heals all wounds in time.


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