My Daily Routine


Waking up with a list of tasks to undertake
has become a daily regimen.
These must be performed
otherwise... everything will pile up
and if chores accumulate...
the BIG "S" (stress) will take over my system
and my asthma attacks will follow.
This is a chain reaction and I have no
other better alternative but
to get things done and over with.
My work place starts in the bedroom,
then in the kitchen, dining, living, bathroom
practically.. all around the house
or even out like in school, bank, supermarket and drugstore.
I still have online activities
that need my attention as well.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


How do you differentiate music of yesterday and songs of this new millennium?  How do OLD and NEW songs influence human race and affect the lives of people from every generation?

My son, who is currently in second year high school, asked me about a particular song by Peter Paul and Mary entitled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone". Actually, I have no idea about the song except for the knowledge that it's an old song sung by an old classic group. He searched it in YouTube  and played.

So, what's the point in being curious with this more than five decade song? Well, it's an Asian History assignment and Kurt will make a reaction paper on this. I only shared some of my views about the song and my own interpretation but apparently, I found myself searching the internet and this is what I found:

Where Do You Want to GO?

Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

What do you think this kid wants to do?
Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

In LIFE...
Sometimes, it's really difficult to choose 
which PATH to take
when we are left with no other choice...
Which way should we go?
Right or left... straight or crooked?
It's never easy to live
a life that is flawless and untainted.

Happy HEART's Day !!!


February 14...
a special day for couples in love
young and old, man and woman
Whatever race or language
LOVE can be understood without uttering any word.

Where Do You Get Your Mineral or Purified Drinking Water?

Mineral water from a reputable refilling station
Contaminated water from a reputable refilling station

Decades before, households used to get drinking water only from the faucet but the water produced by the traditional water supply systems holds impurities so the demand for water refilling stations that provide distilled and purified water is relatively high nowadays.

Another source for clean and safe drinking water are water purifiers or filters but the price is quite expensive. For this reason, private entrepreneurs offer cheaper and more convenient alternative for public consumption. Bottled water from refilling stations are now a household necessity.

UNHEALTHY Signs of Being In LOVE

So... You are truly, madly, deeply in love with someone. You're now experiencing the feeling of so much joy and unexplained happiness to be with the LOVE of your LIFE.

But where will this relationship go if some things dwell into wrong places... create chaos instead of worthwhile memories?

We all must learn somehow. If you are currently involved with someone, be cautious about some signs of an unhealthy relationship. These are indications that you love in the wrong way:

  • Your heart is more perceptive than your mind. The senses are being blocked by an overwhelming emotion.You can be blind, deaf and mute. You are solely focused to one person and you are insensitive to others who need your utmost care and attention. You don't seem to listen and communicate effectively.  The only word you know is LOVE and the only action you want to do is expecting things to unfold as you wish. This should not be the case. Your mind should be the ARMOR that shields your body because it protects the HEART from being struck by pain.
  • Your world seems to revolve around this person that you almost forget your life's priorities. There are more to life than just offering your precious time to only one person and ignoring your responsibility as a productive member of society. The world is an expanse of opportunities to explore and keeping one self in one corner and breathing the same air is boring.  It's always better to be INDEPENDENT and FREE.
  • Your fantasy is overpowering reality. Wake up!! Love is not always a bed of roses. It's not always a fairy tale with happy ending. It may be the greatest gift of sharing one self to another but if you cannot handle it properly... it's too fragile that once it's broken... it may break you into pieces as well. That would be traumatic. Don't ever be in loved with love. You may only be drowning yourself in oblivion.
  • Your obsession can kill your own sanity. A painful trial in a relationship can make an intelligent mind to lose good judgement. If one is being enslaved by love... nothing can come between... not even death. Some commit  crimes of passion or senseless suicide. There are reasons why things happened so one should keep a healthy mind to think positively. Never let failures control you.
  • Your love is more than what you have to give. Loving yourself seems to be flowing down the drain. You are selflessly devoted and dependently involved that you never mind having low esteem... full of insecurities. Never give your ALL... leave something for yourself.
  • Your trust is not 100 percent but your doubts are over-the top. How can you make a relationship work if you lack faith in your partner? Every time you see and feel something that's unusual, your apprehensions go wild as if every word that comes out is a BIG LIE! If you don't change... you will truly mess up and the relationship will eventually lead to an untimely separation.

Are these the reasons why our HEAD should be higher than our HEART? We are blessed with both body parts to balance our decisions in life. We have to be rational to express our emotions yet we also have to be firm to make our stand. AVOID these negative traits to have a LOVE EVERLASTING

True Friends are Hard to Find and Will Never Leave You No Matter What

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An overused statement involving relationship with friends and acquaintances either new or old. We live in a society where we meet people everyday. Somehow, we touch their lives or they touch ours. Some of whom  may become our close friends yet there are few who simply say "HI" and say "GOOD BYE" after a while.

I believe that for a friend to be considered REAL are those who never leave us in times of difficulties especially when we are troubled with problems... financially or emotionally.   We tend to appreciate the friendship more if they are willing to share their presence and care to listen... just be there to listen.

Trust is earned not given. This same trust will strengthen the relationship. It grows through the years of unselfishly offering a part of one self  for the happiness of others.

When is friendship being tested? This is a question of what goes wrong... or who faltered. Once a glass is broken, it cannot be fixed. There's a mark of betrayal and dishonesty.

How Clean are the Utensils You Use When You Eat Out?

It's always a delightful experience to dine out and indulge in some good food especially when you're not even prepared for your menu for the evening or any mealtime of the day. You're starving for a certain dish that you want to try outside your kitchen. 

There are high class restaurants that cater to those equally high class customers but there are a lot more dining places where any ordinary people can afford. We all quench for new delicacies and as much as possible, taste every scrumptious food available but do you ever mind checking the utensils you use every time you eat out?